Nano #2

Sitting on the Porch 2

Sunday 14th April 2013



Here I am again, reporting briefly on my weeks happenings, trials and tribulations of the participating in this wonderful project.  the writing of a novel, poems, or short stories to your nominated word count. That is one main difference to the November Nanowrimo.

Sunday 7 –  No words today, the weekend is always difficult for me,  so my stat is saying finish on May 5th at the current word rate.
Monday 8 – I was actually going quite well today  until my daughter, who is still on Easter break decided to interrupt with some questions. I of course did not mind, but i could not get myself back on track  so only logged 1400 words, Stats saying the same.
Tuesday 9–  1000 words today,,not very many, unable to get my mind in sync with the story and it didn’t help because I was distracted by…

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