Experimental Writing Challenge

8th May 2013 Wednesday…


Sandra’s new challenge guys please try it out…

TERRY'S GREEN PLANET 2 - resized, credits

My Story…

He tried to touch the picture thinking he was  touching her, he was suddenly drawn in, suck into this fantasy world. This world, unusual, strange but very enticing. The colours were bright, very hypnotic, and he could not help himself, he was blinded by what he saw, the beauty in front of him, just swept him away.  He saw her, standing in the distance, then she slipped and slid to the edge and was hanging on for dear life. Hanging by her hands, she happily swung back and forth. She had a smile on her face, did not look scared.  He ran to try and help her thinking she was in danger, but she was always just out of reach. He shouted to her, she could not hear him. “Here let me take your hand, I’ll try to pull you up” As he lent over, the slanted flooring of the mushroom shape was making him slide. He tried his hardest to stop, pressing his hands and feet hard to the surface. Slowing down but still slowly nearing the edge. Slipping still and nearing her, he thought he must stop, panic reaching his throat and chest, he would lose her as well as himself. His momentum carried him over edge, and as he started to fall, he saw her smiling and flew into the air and hovering in the air she just watched him fall. Out of sight he went into the darkness.. The last thing he heard was a laugh, so cruel. the darkness absorbed him and he was gone.

Bang!! bang!! the loud knock on the window woke him with a start, he was still clutching the picture of planets and strange shapes by Terry Valley.. his heart was beating so fast and sweat on his forehead, he now realised, and remembering, life was so unfair…


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14 thoughts on “Experimental Writing Challenge

    1. I cannot say it was difficult, Lorna,, but it was a very short piece,, I dont know if this makes any difference if it were a longer script….but otherwise no I was comfy with it.. Thank you and welcome, curious as to your question Lorna…

  1. Well my kind sir you had me on the edge of my chair. I like so much how you are able to add the element of suspense to your writing. And a big heart tug it was at the end. I am glad it was just a dream only for your hero, but am curious what he remembered. Great challenge and you met it well.

    1. I could not make it for real, though could I. I did think of leaving the dream bit out, but i thought it was a little harsh..life is not always fair in all sorts of things…;) my lady thank you for this comment,, love it. 😉

      1. Oh I don’t know…leaving the dream out would have left the mind to wonder what had happened, which in this case may have left the reader feeling a little unsettled, but that is not always a bad thing.
        Saying that though I did come away feeling relieved for your hero that he woke up, realizing it was only a dream.
        You’re so good at spinning a tale my Kind Sir, I always, always enjoy your stories

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