Experimental Writing Challenge#2

9th May 2013 Thursday…


Sandra’s new challenge so come on guys give it a try…

TERRY'S GREEN PLANET 2 - resized, credits

My Story 2..

The portal closed behind him, and as his eyes adjusted to the weird light he could see many shapes, and a mix of colours. The ground he was standing, many colours ranging in shades of greens and blues and reds. Hard rock ground, but as he walked he felt the softer feel underfoot, almost sand like.

He could see mushroom shape objects, all different sizes, looking down like horrific creatures from a horror film. The first one he came upon he realised they were made structures, and not plants, their feel very much of concrete and wood, cold and rough. Continuing along the coloured path, another, larger and blue mushroom. He wondered if there is a reason why the small ones were red and the larger were blue. A big crash made him look up, he saw a man in what he thought was a space suit, and another figure hanging from the edge. Laser beams firing from an unknown source at them and the green planet,and the ring circling it was breaking apart. Where is the debris falling, he could hear nothing hitting the ground, just seeing them splintering off into the air. More sounds of laser fire starting to scare him now, hurrying along, turning a bend, he confronted another space man, “Quick! you must move along, it has become dangerous, quick move along that way, through the open portal, quick go.” the spaceman said pointing along the path. Started to hurry, panic starting to take over, the next corner he came upon a very strange-looking creature, standing upright like a human, but he was green bodied with a red head. Parts of it looked scaly,but the light was making his vision hard, so he could not be sure, and other parts he was wearing some really strange clothing. It was waving what looked like a gun, and guttural sounds could be heard. Running now very scared, and laser beams shooting across at him, just missing in front and a couple just above his head. The noise was deafening, and he was now smelling burning, the fires being ignited by the lasers. He tried to look behind but dare not, the foot steps were enough to tell him he was being chased.

The portal ahead, faster, it became closer and closer, then bang, he was through, the door smashed open and he was safe, followed by others. Quickly he found a seat to catch his breath, the sun hitting his face, his heart racing he found himself back outside in the Magic Kingdom theme park.


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