My Good Friend..

Sunday 19th May 2013

Maybe this post should be on CyKlopps..

This post is a dedication to my friend John Cook. On Thursday his mother passed away, she had been suffering recently. It was few months ago she was put into a care home. Although this was the right thing to do, most close friends knew that she was not to come out and this would be her last action in life. Now the Spirits and Universe can care for her.

I did not know her very well, myself, I had not seen her for a long time, way in 1989. But is John himself I worry for. He is now 63 and he is very lucky to be alive. Back in 1975, age 22, he had a stroke and some other attack that rendered him disabled in so much as unable to talk properly and unable to do things that most of us take for granted. At the time he had just started a job as a lecturer at Newcastle University. He was given approx. five years to live, and here he is still going. His only disablement he really has is talking. his brain is ahead of his words. So this post is for the good times.

In 1971 the summer at Brockenhurst in the heart of the New Forest, my friend and I sat in the Rose and Crown, we both had our acoustic guitars. While enjoying a pint on a nice warm evening, playing our guitars quietly in alley part of the bar. Three guys came into the bar and after purchasing their beers they came into the alley and sat just along from us. The long wavy haired guy also had a guitar. It did not take us long to start chatting. They were from Gateshead, Newcastle. George the guitar player, John was the the poet.

The song below was written by myself and great friend John D. It was inspired by our new found friends. And still are. However do apologise for the quality, it was recorded in 1973, and has be re done several times over the years. But it is what it means and represents that matters.

After this first meeting, we all started to hit it off, and get on great. Having many things in common, guitars and music, John C [geordie] both into poetry and lyrics. For two weeks they remained here on a camping holiday, and met up daily. And when their holiday came to an end we had a fabulous last evening, on ‘Waters Green’ a nearby piece of grass area. Here we all had a sing song, chat and drinks. By the end of the evening there were about thirty of us, and the finale’ was ‘auld lang syne’

Although now the only one that has survived the years is John C, the one who was not supposed to see the years past 30. So this little piece is my way of remembering and thanking him and all others from Gateshead.





22 thoughts on “My Good Friend..

  1. I find it so genuinely significant that you included the summer of 71 song and I personally like the recording the way it is. The recording quality gives it this great ambiance that I would expect if I was listening to a vinyl on a turntable.Something I love, those scratches some how authenticate the time period of the recording and I like that.
    Your summer with your three camping friends sounds like bliss to me. It was an obvious time of brotherly love that for seem reason seems easier expressed in 1971 than in 2013.
    I would wish that your friend John would one day find this post My kind Sir. I think he would appreciate knowing how you feel. And God speed to John’s mum.

    1. You know my lady, I wish he were able to be on this level as you or I,, inside that head of his he is still the loving poetic man trying to get out, but just does not seem to have the ability to say it…
      Thank you very much for your lovely reply.. welcome and more 😉

      1. I hope John has music surrounding him all the time. You & I both know how healing listening to music is. When I read your thoughts regarding John’s poetic soul being inside his head & trying to get out my mind went to music immediately. Music, maybe this is the way for him to express his poetic thoughts & feelings, they could resonate through his choice of tunes. He’d need only the ability to somehow click a button, maybe even with eye movement if need be.

        I just read your tender thoughts about him and his poetry and it created this need in my heart to find a happy thought for John and his world. In my mind I went to music. It is the universal language after all. Never really even needs to be translated.
        I know Cobbie this is merely rhetorical on my part, but it leaves me with a better mind frame for your friend. ~

      2. You know my lady back in the days before his stroke and we used to write letters to each other,, every letter we wrote we also included a poem.. and I have been thinking as to post them for all to read..they are so beautiful.. welcome. 😉

  2. I just enjoy the beauty of the acoustic guitar, there are so difference in record – then and now
    Now much helped by modern techniques

    I’m sorry about John Mom, but Ce la Vie, also with him.
    But I am proud of this article, this is the meaning of friendship.
    Friendship is indeed very expensive
    Gerry, enjoyed your day my friend, yes once more singing pleace 😀

    1. Hey Della thank you so much for this lovely comment,,my recording done in 1973 via tapes etc and then being reproduced over lost quality but it does have a uniqueness,, I have some more modern recordings, home ones these days,, never know i might get the courage to post..always welcome and appreciated..;)

  3. Gerry, you are a true friend to John! Beautiful post! John is a very special man…and it is good the Universe gave him more time to be there when his Mom needed him most…and that he has you there for him now~

    1. I believe things happen for a reason and this is possibly one.. always welcome and thank you for your kind words.. appreciated so much 😉

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