Sandra’s June Challenge

Thursday 6th June 2013

 “Please, please help me, I cannot find the daylight” he pleaded. On his knees, head bowed and tears flowing. His mind was everywhere. The tall winged creature, standing boldly, trying to close the gate.

“How do you wish me to help?”

“I must find my way, I cannot see the exit, I have tried many paths and I keep returning here. And you are always there stopping me from entering. What must I do?”

“You must first ask yourself, what is it you are seeking, and if you find it what then?” the winged creature’s voice boomed across the open space. so loud, the young man trembled with fear. He could now feel the fire, burning in his chest, and the darkness getting blacker and thicker and closing in around him.

“ I seek freedom, I seek the light, I seek the life that will let me love again. Once found, I will be able to remove this cloud, these chains that hold me, and keeping me from what I am entitled.” the man pleading again, still on his knees and now looking the winged creature in the eyes.

“I am your mind, your aura, your intellect, you power, your imagination, it is not me that is stopping you from entering. It is you, you have to decide, you have to make it clear to yourself. You have to look into yourself, your beliefs and then ask yourself what is it you truly want. Once you have these answers, then the gate will open and you will find all that you seek.” the winged creature was now shimmering in the air. Becoming translucent, disappearing slowly. Then as quick as flash he was back in full view. “Your Faith is waning.”

Still on his knees the young man fell forward onto his elbows, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks. Into the depths of his heart he went, and his thoughts and dreams surged at him like a river torrent. So fast, he could not control or see any of them. Deeper he went, the darkness drawing him in, still finding no way out. His emotions hitting him every which way, his thoughts and dreams, feelings and beliefs raging past, he had no control, he could not see or separate.

You Faith is Waning.” he could hear the words again. The winged creature, warning him again. But this time it was his voice that were saying the words.

“My faith is strong, always has been,” he lifted his head and shouted.

“Your faith is waning…” over and over he could heard the words. 

“Never! never, my faith is strong, my guidance is pure” he stood and as he shouted.

Then one of his desires came to him, spoke to him, “Love is waiting” and then gone.

“Daylight awaits” he heard as he looked up,, all his emotions, all his dreams, slowly passing his minds window.  He could see the light, distantly faint, but clearing and getting closer..

The winged creature shimmering more and more until it eventually vanished completely and the young man was now standing at the open gate, sunshine warmth upon his face.

“My faith is strong.”


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6 thoughts on “Sandra’s June Challenge

  1. Wow!! Please never tell me you cannot write like this.This was a compelling story. One that can cross a few genres even.
    I like so much how your characters spirit fought back with his faith not only in place but obviously strong in it.

    You did well my Kind Sir. Really a good short read.

    1. It does not seem to be that good my lady,,appreciate and thank you for your ever loving reply,, but i feel I maybe should not have written it or at least not posted it.. I had this bell ringing in my head at the time,, warning bells… as always my lady thank you love to read your words.. 😉

  2. Thanks for being the first again, Gerry. You are the bravest among us! This was quite a piece — and it really does all boil down to our taking the responsibility and making a DECISION in our own heart, doesn’t it? You made that point dramatically.

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