What Morning?-[Poem] +

Wednesday 12th June 2013.

While researching  my last couple of posts, something ignited in my memory, and reminded me of a poem I started a short while ago. And because of a serious event that  happened to me a couple of evenings ago, and a doctor was called,  I thought I would finish it, and let all of you have a read. I know there are many people in the world that feel something of the same, and some of my followers also. But it was something that hit me stronger than any other time, so with these words I thought it was a nice time, what with the Inner Peace award I have just done. I needed some Inner Peace. All in similar mood, hope you all enjoy..Thank you very much…

What Morning?  Ga/c©

The morning arrives once again,

Like a darkness that causes me pain.

Each morning I am awake, the same thing.

I wonder what the day will bring.

The morning comes with no warning,

Surely no sleep, means there is no morning.

This morning, how can it be a new day.

In my world, I  always try to find a way.

Daily dozing, but never actually asleep,

Long days, tiring times, sinking deep.

The clock, ticking, night day, night day,

My body, says lay down and drift away.

Resting on my pillow, eyes they close.

But, no sleep, only dreams, I soon arose.

In time the body says, ‘no more, help me,’

Pain hits so hard, screaming to be free.

My morning, no such a pleasure,

Seeing sunrise, drifting dew, such treasure.

Pain killers, massage and pressure points

Only eight hours sleep will ease my joints.

Now months have passed and I collapse,

Happening like a cycle, all my energy it saps.

Try telling, and still no one listens to me,

This prisoner, all he wants is to be free.


 June 11th 2013 [Tuesday]


 The music request site ever..

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29 thoughts on “What Morning?-[Poem] +

    1. It can be very much so, and the music was found and thought was a way of making light of the post.. As always welcome and thank you. 😉

  1. Gerry sorry about how you feel and it comes across in the poem.

    Do you mind if I put it on poets corner, I would like the poets to read it.

  2. Do not own what seeks to own you
    But turn away from the pain and embrace
    the living hope that fills you with a precious
    breath each day! Know that you will still be
    with Him no matter what because your heart,
    and your spirit honor him always, and He will
    always bless you, even still in a much better way!
    Spiritual hugs and blessings to you always my
    brother along with much love!

    1. Wendell, what can I say,, tears are close, thank you for this, I will copy it into my poetry files /book and put it with this poem if you do not mind that is,, with your name with it. Thank you so very much…. 😉

    1. Thank you Gemma, I am a tad bit but it a regular part of my life,, but not as bad as others I know.. this poem is for them as well… because it is part of me I just accept it as part of me.. thank you for your lovely words as always, and welcome… 😉

  3. Wow. ‘No sleep means there is no morning.’ I get this, because I too spend many nights lying in my bed with my mind buzzing, keeping me awake until sunrise. But you seem to be in physical pain. I’m sorry this happens to you. Surely writing and publishing this poem has relieved your pain a little bit.

    1. Trish, thank you again for these wonderful words….yes writing it and posting it released so frustrations that pop up once in awhile,,, this is also for others that I know who suffer from similar… the physical pain is varying.. thank you for your words and support.. 😉

  4. Your poem resonates deeply within my own spirit. I am sorry that you are struggling with spiked symptoms & lack of sleep My kind Sir. Life is so unpredictable, even one night at a time.
    Your description will always weigh gently on my mind as you have expressed the insanity of living with pain & insomnia so well.
    You wrote what many cannot verbalize.Including me.

    1. Thank you,, this poem was just me trying to express what myself an many others go through,,,although pleased with the result it is rather a sad verse.. unintentional.. I thank you so much and please always feel welcome ,, 🙂

  5. dear Gerry, I read and re-read your poem…I hope your body re-energizes…i wish you love crystals of healing…I have some body pains…my back goes our every other week if I am not careful…but today, I suffer from depression and losing a friend because of it…it is a hard day….so send me love crystals too…because I need them today

    1. Johann, I will with all my pleasure and heart send you all the love and well wishing crystals and fairy dust to you. I will send them through the air and hopefully reach you with the love they are sent.
      imagine sitting on the bank of the golden lake..looking at sunset…in my thoughts…

      The lake shimmering in the moonlight,
      Silvery reflections rippling water,
      The orange sun now out of sight
      Admire for too long, it will capture.

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