Curves..DP Photo Challenge.

Saturday 15th June 2013…

While watching the Trooping of the Colour, [yawn yawn!] The queens birthday stuff,,

I decided to do my own colour. Because I cannot find the words to finish my written

posts that are sitting in my drafts, I decided to do the Daily Post, WordPress photo challenge

this week. Just to make things a little light-hearted for a change.. Please enjoy.

DSCF2225.JPG00      001.JPG09

DSCF2229.JPG09       100_1840.jpg98

DSCF2167.JPG 90  DSCF2191.JPG90




Hope ye all enjoy this change for today only.

rose-widget.jpg  Fighting Child Exploitation and Adults

28 thoughts on “Curves..DP Photo Challenge.

  1. I really like these. And I know what you mean about doing “something else.” In fact, sometimes, I even work to find almost ANYTHING to do besides what I’m SUPPOSED to do because what I’m supposed to do requires too much effort. Some of the short/photo posts I put on here are just for that reason. But don’t tell on me.

  2. Goodly curves!
    *deeply miffed, as a loyal Colonialist* People who yawn at the pageantry of the Trooping of the Colour should be propped up against a wall and shot, forthwith! 🙂

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