New Change…

Tuesday 9th July 2013..

I think, [but I maybe wrong]

Due to past and present and future issues, I have decided to temporarily, put this on hold. I am thinking of change, mostly, like a new title and different angle to blog about. At the moment am not really sure.

Deciding on a new title is easy enough, but like CyKlopps I feel a spring clean is needed. So I ask you, my loyal  followers and supporters I can call friends, all of you indeed..  So please be patient. And if any of you  have any new suggestions or ideas please leave a comment or inbox, either is welcome.  Life has to move on, and this also applies to me,  in more ways than one..

It might be only for a day or two, it might be week I do not know for sure….. Thank you and watch this space.

Love ya all…




29 thoughts on “New Change…

    1. Thank you for being a friend as well,,this blog is only part of my reconfig, brought on by other things as well..that also need reconfiguring…. thank you as always… 😉

  1. Pick your ground Gerry and speak with your voice – I like to read your writings rather than reblogs – looking forward to seeing the new site 🙂

    1. Thank you Martin, not really sure, but maybe a little change,, nothing drastic,, it is my music site that needs a new look more so.. thank you for your loyal support and so appreciate it. 😉

  2. I really liked the little message you posted by Wayne Dyer. I’ve been wondering where you’d gone, now I know you’re busy thinking about change. I’m watching this space…

    1. Thank you Trish, so love your support, appreciate your words, not sure yet as to what is to happen… but this space will say something soon.. welcome. 😉

  3. I have a couple of comments. First is I am really glad we found each other on fb. There I am me with a mix of friends. Aqaintances, people I like but am unable to see as I met them either traveling or while volunteering. And second is Dr. Above in video changed my life drastically about 30 years ago. I remember many of his teaching from his book Your Erroneous ZONES. In fact he turned my life up side down in retrospect! Much of his stuff is based on Budda but following Budda lends to a much gentler approach as opposed to the Dr. 🙂

    It will come to you as you relax and accept your message. Remember (without stress) that every counts.

    1. Thank you so very much for your friendship, both on here and Fb,, it is my honour and pleasure. And thank you for your lovely words of support, and will seriously heed your words. This guy does seem to say some good things, on this vid at least was very apt. welcome and appreciated. 😉

  4. Gerry good luck with any changes you make to your life and your blog.

    Suggestions 🙂
    You have an awards page, remove them from your sidebar.
    Remove calendar.
    Post title list, cut it by 50%

    Hope you don’t mind.

    1. Harry thank you, and of course I dont mind your offers,,, in fact the awards in my side bar was one thing on my mind,, but the others are worth considering… thank you foe your support.. oh I will leave your poets Corner there though heehee! appreciated,, 😉

      1. the Buddhists say, the only permanent thing is impermanence…change is inevitable…when we accept change, I guess we accept life…
        Gerry, I read the comments above, and read this: Post title list, cut it by 50%…how does one do that? Also, I have two blogs, and my friend told me I should have stuck with the first blog–I was looking for change–LOL—anyway, on my 2nd blog, even though I paid for the upgrade to domain, the options in the posting section for writing–the tool bar—did NOT upgrade. How do you get WordPress to respond? I have tried what I know, but no response. Was wondering if you had any idea? Thanks! Have a great Sunday and week!

  5. I listen to 67paintings music again this morning
    it was a piece he just sat down and created…sounds within light is how it felt to me
    as I listened I thought of my next step….I am so tired of changes…but they are little changes adding to a bigger one
    I decided the first persons blog I feel, I will go there and it will be what I need to hear …
    guess what…I landed here….energy flows and if we let it inside to direct us….
    first….Thank you for always being a smile on my blog….I am so far behind on all my emails that your seems to have gotten lost
    or did they? maybe I was to come back at this moment and click on to this post…
    *sigh* life is such a roller coaster ride……

    I like Wayne Dyer….and I think you put him up at the right time for many to hear…including yourself…
    your change will be You….being You and I look forward to wandering through more….

    Thank you again for being you…..
    Take Care…You Matter….

    1. MaryRose, this has blown me away, and so honoured for these beautiful words. Wayne Dyer has been a fairly regular listen for me of late,, and I am seriously heeding your words and hope to update in a short while. Thank you so very much for being a lit candle for me.. truly honoured and please always welcome..and may your days be good to you. 😉

      1. I was wandering in my blog and as I was answering
        ( catching up !) I was at your comment and decided I
        wanted to stop by and say Hello….I hope you are sorting things out
        and are where you need to be…Know your thoughts are missed….
        Take Care…

  6. Hey, Gerry. It is so nice to visit here again. This past month, as you know, has been so congested with the problems surrounding my dad’s health and his passing, but I am about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to visit and see this post until today.

    It’s especially interesting to me because I really do believe I sense some major changes coming in my life as well. Sometimes I think that at 65 I shouldn’t try to make too much of a change, but then I realize that my age is really just a number, and I’m still the same person with the same talents and abilities — and hopes and dreams — that I’ve always been — except hopefully a little better person as time goes on — so why not reach for something new.

    I enjoyed the video, by the way.

    I hope you find the plan that feels just right for you with your blog. And don’t worry about making changes. Try one thing, and if that doesn’t suit you, try another. I like change myself — and that’s why I change my header and background every couple of weeks at least. Also, the first year I had this blog, I changed my theme four times. I figure — so what? I don’t want to get bored myself, so I do what I enjoy with the site.

    I will also pray that the other aspects of your life that are facing change will turn in the direction that is the greatest blessing for you and those you love.

    Blessings — as always.

    1. Sandra, nice to see you thank you.. At this moment in time I am still in between planes,, not sure what to do. I at the moment cannot see a way through. My head for some reason is so mixed, I am finding it difficult to move along with these projects.. I designed a complete new header and name and parts for my CyKlopps, but did so much cleaning up, but could not at moment do complete change,, just did not seem right. So all is at a standstill,, as you know my new one is really just an escape route for me, and has taken off quite well, but will never take Restawyles place.. I just wish my head and thoughts and all else would clear and let me go. Thank you Sandra and wish all your new experiences and challenges work out for you, truly a friend. 😉

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