Important Message.

Under re-Construction .. thank you

Brocks Music Shed

9th July 2013 Tuesday.

Farewell and Adieu,

May you rest in peace.

Today, near CyKlopps coming anniversary, I have come to a decision, due to several reasons, I have decided to KILL off CyKlopps Rides Again. This decision was not made lightly, and I apologize to all that might not wish it. I cannot see where to take it now. Ideas and suggestions welcome, if you wish it to remain..

I have become disappointed with it, its progress and the road it has traveled, getting lost,  it has not actually fulfilled expectations. I feel that it has run its course. There is another idea, which would mean a complete refurbishment, meaning, new title, any ideas WELCOME, and a completely new blog theme and music theme. The hippy era and stories seems to have run its course.  It is Dead.

So with this being one of things in my mind, but…

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6 thoughts on “Important Message.

  1. Reconstruct away — we will be there–something you must remember is that you have readers who read and do not hit like or leave a comment but enjoy your posts–when I am in a hurry I sometimes do this

    1. I so appreciate this, your words do me a great deal and so honour this.. so while doing constructing I will heed this,, thank you so much and welcome. 😉

    1. Reconstruct is good for this at this moment in time,, basically expanding the musicabilty,, and moving from just the hippy era, opening it to more as well as unusual and new up and coming artists I find or that wish to publish,, hope I am doing the right thing.. fingers crossed,, and Col’ thank you for your words of wisdom… 😉

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