On the Edge?

Daylight  19th August 2013.

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

My excuse to do a post of this nature hope you enjoy.

Moonlight Stars and Lost.

Every night and day that passes,

Staring into space, looking beyond.

One, might say that rose tinted glasses,

Pain and hurt yes I am growing very fond.

Our sun is now getting higher in space,

Like each day it will fade to be reborn.

The moonlit night will show her face,

Sky, shadows and stars it will adorn.

Our wonder words float high and speak,

Seeking their star, to engrave ones love.

Open mind and heart, strong no longer weak.

A drifting cloud, a passing thought,

Words spoken, in my head voices shout.

Dreams and truth are forever sought,

Is this what love is all about?

Sadness these days scream at me,

Aching inside, yearning will not stop.

The point of no return, must never be,

Always inside, passing, always passing.

Gerry a/C August 2013©



24 thoughts on “On the Edge?

    1. Many things from past life has the elements of the composition.. moody is the way I am at moment,, but will get some better one soon.. fingers crossed.. As always Trish thank you for your words. 😉 welcome..

  1. Oh, and I wanted to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed both those videos. I know the songs, of course, but I’ve never seen the singers sing them. (I rarely watch music videos except on your blog page!)

    1. The Oldfield song is a favourite, and many different versions but all very nice… and Hermans was a way of making my point from our youth, in my view that is, and I expect we all have similar.. But I do like this tune… Thank you and welcome Trish. 😉

  2. Well, if you’re taking votes on the title, I’ll throw in my two-cents’ worth. I like the title the way it is — with no changes. It grabs the readers’ attention just because it does sound mixed up. And since the poem itself is relating a mix of emotions that flow back and forth, the title works.

    Also, just so you’ll know, Gerry, the first video says it is not permitted for play in the U.S. I tried it from this site and from the YouTube site as well, and both of them give the same message.

    1. Thank you so much Sandra, you actually expressed the title well, as it was with me at time of writing,,,I am sorry the song did not work for you,, it worked in Oz,, but can I suggest you might find another one of the same song I will have a look for another for you.. So appreciated and welcome 😉

  3. This second video worked fine, Gerry. By the way, do you know that the text on your actual page — only in the comment section — is almost impossible to read. Yesterday, when I commented, I was able to read them a little bit. It was hard to see, but I managed to read the words. But today, I can’t see the words at all. Maybe it’s my computer, but I thought I should tell you so you can check with some other readers too. It’s the color. The explanatory sections — with your name and the word “reply,” are in blue, and they are readable. But the words of the comments are not. I can read your comments when they come up in my notifications, but not on here. Just thought I should let you know.

    1. I must admit I liked the dark blue but it did seem to vary a little on the visionary side, so basically gone back to colour that was as before.. Thank you,, hope you liked the music..:)

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