Weekly Video Challenge [cheating]: Focus

Brocks Music Shed

Friday 23rd August 2013.

Weekly Photo /Video Challenge: Focus

I went to see this band in the 70’s at Bournemouth and apart from the usual fab concert and thinking how brilliant they were. I was completely knocked back, because while playing a number the lead guitarist had  a string broke on him. But this did not stop him, he continued with the number and in the meantime removed the old one, replaced with a new one and tuned it and finished the song. Most would not have noticed, but me sitting close by and being a guitar player did notice and I was gobsmacked. Say no more.

The one below is far better quality of the Hocus Pocus number. hope you enjoy



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Video Challenge [cheating]: Focus

  1. That sounds like a very exciting, awesome concert. The guitarist truly created something to be awed and inspired about. Music and being lost in its words and melody help us feel embrace our carefree spirit. Thanks for sharing this.

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