The Ship in Distress.

A Change is as good as a Rest.

Brocks Music Shed

Thursday 12th September 2013.

The Ship in Distress…Traditional Folk song…


Something different for you all, folk songs that are traced from my part of the world.  This one is based around the waters of Isle of Wight. Some of the most treacherous waters in the world.

If you like this music please let me know.  I personally have taken to it and thought I take a change from my usual style. Now I say change my usual style, well maybe this is part of my style. So please guys enjoy thank you.

Ship in distress

Ship in Distress written
Gerry A/C 2013 Brocksss

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4 thoughts on “The Ship in Distress.

  1. This was pretty interesting! I liked both versions of the song and couldn’t resist reading the lyrics and the story. Horrible! Poor Richard Parker – never made it to Australia.

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