More Sin in Celebrtiy World.


4 thoughts on “More Sin in Celebrtiy World.

  1. For some reason, we hold celebrities to a different (higher) standard and then are shocked when they are just as flawed as “normal” people. They were always just like any of us, only put under enormous pressure, insulated from reality and self-responsibility, and told constantly that they are above the rules. Of course they are going to crash.

    1. Us holding them up on a higher plane Lorna,, yes is wrong, and does not give them the right to think that they can be above the law.. But as you say some cannot handle it and will crash, but still does not excuse… Thank you Lorna for this worthy comment. 😉

  2. Growing up with Rolf this makes me so incredibly sad and I can’t help but wish that in this case it isn’t true. But if it is then no one should be above being held to account for committing such crimes.

    1. It is sad thing when this happens for the reasons we know,, and yes as you say if true then they should get the punishment,,, thank you Jo for the comment.. welcome.. 😉

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