Tell Me A Story

Wednesday 18th September 2013

Tell Me A Story

by Sandra at ‘By the Book’  click the link for full details and join in on the fun as well.

The Door.

The two young Ellie’s ran straight up to the large wooden door. Fascinated by the giraffe picture panel that seem to shimmer in the daylight. They both stopped in front of this large wooden door. Entranced by the shimmering picture. Ellie, real name Eleanor, raising her arm, went to touch,  “Don’t” shouted the other Ellie, whose name was Eloise.

“It is only a picture on a door” Eleanor replied.

“But it is alive.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Eleanor, “it is a picture, that is all it is.” she finished with a  shrug of shoulders and eyebrow raising as they both stepped back a couple of steps.

The picture seems to move, shimmer, change colours,  and was drawing the girls closer, Eloise was standing a further step back from her friend, but still she was being drawn. Eleanor was moving, hands outstretched, slowly pacing another step closer to the door. The giraffe was floating out from the frame and the wooden door. Eyes with long eye lashes fluttering, enticing the girls, hypnotizing them and drawing them in, pulling them to his frame, to the door.

Eloise a pace or two behind, reached out and grabbed Eleanor and tried to pull her back. But her hand missed her target, Eleanor’s arm, because Eleanor yanked away from her.

“Leave me alone, I want to touch Mr Giraffe, he is calling me, can’t you hear him?” Eleanor shouted loudly with excitement.

“I cannot hear anything, and no need to shout at me I am not deaf.”

All the while Eleanor was moving closer to the door, and now almost within touching distant. And again Eloise tried to pull her back and again her friend fought against her, and then she lurched forward and stumbled to the door. Her hand touched the door, a pool of floating liquid, a brown mass of liquid shimmering between the large wooden posts. Eleanor then gently eased her hand and then her arm into the liquid. Up to her elbow, the liquid absorbing her. Eloise shouted, “Eleanor, don’t do it – stop, listen to me.” but her words just vanished in the air.  Eleanor was smiling and looking at Eloise, she mouthed something, but no words were heard. Her arm up to her shoulder now being soaked up, she was becoming a sponge to the brown liquid. She was slowly disappearing, being absorbed into the door. Eloise grabbed Eleanor’s hand and pulled but it was too late. Eloise’s friend had pulled free and was gone. The door had completely absorbed her. Eloise ran behind the door, it was just a wooden door, and ornamental wooden door in the park. She touch the wood, all over, the large upright posts, the door, back and then the front. Nothing unusual, the frame with the picture of the giraffe, with Eleanor sitting on his back looking out and smiling.



Gerald Ainger /Cobb© Sept 2013



14 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story

  1. Gerry, how cute!!! Of course, there’s the element of horror in seeing Eleanor swallowed up by the door, but then when she is on the giraffe’s back smiling, it makes you feel that’s exactly where she wants to be. I thought it was especially interesting that you gave them the same nickname. It gave the story an added allure.

    I’m working on mine, but having a bit of a struggle. I have to hurry though, because Saturday and the next picture are just around the corner. I’ll put up at least one more. If we don’t have anyone else try except you and me, I’ll probably let the challenge drop, but it was fun to try.

    Thanks for taking part.

    1. Sandra, I do love these and it is a shame that more are not taking the challenge..Admittedly I am not into all the others that are about,, but then none are doing picture prompts, which I love..something a little special..hope more will take it up.. However so pleased you like it, and yes I had to make her smile so we knew it was what she wanted.. I did spend a couple of days reading and re-reading.. I appreciate your words and thanks again…I was going to try another, but I think I might have left it late.. watch this space,, Thank you again Sandra…;)

  2. Fabulous story and the emotions you evoke are ones that I witnessed with my own daughters. The compelling urge by one to move forward while the other was more reluctant and protective.
    My kind Sir how you set up such suspense is so filled with anticipation… and then you bring it home with an ending that leaves so much to the imagination of the reader.

    1. My lady thank you and so very pleased you enjoyed this little story. I was not fully happy about it as you know,, but you make me happy…I will tell you privately the origin of the girls names and my original idea,, and decide not to and instead used two Ellies, both my daughters names….remind me 😉

  3. Adorable story. short, sweet, and very imaginative. I just finished reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and this is reminiscent of that or maybe Through the Looking Glass. Very fun. 🙂

  4. Very interesting story, Gerry. I can see that your imagination is running wild and wonderful! 🙂 I like that Eleanor is smiling as she is sitting on the giraffe’s back. At least her adventure ended well for her–maybe not so much for her befuddled friend, though.

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