Angel of Hope!

Tuesday 24th September 2013.

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Angel of Hope

by Gerry A/C 2013©


The small single engine single winged plane glided in the wind currents. The pilot shouting orders and curses. The propeller had stopped and the engine was smoking, at first small streams of smoke wafting in the wind. Frightened stiff but not panicking was the passenger sitting along side the pilot. His eyes staring blankly, his hands and knuckles white with gripping tightly at the safety belt.  He kept looking at the small plastic box sitting on the floor between his feet.

The pilot shouted, “Mr Lake, be prepared for a rather bumpy landing. If the wind currents maintain their directions we might be able to make the small runway. If you care to look it is that runway to your left, 8000 feet below.”

Mr Lake cautiously looked, hardly moving frightened his movement might upset the balance of the small plane. “I have alerted the airport and they have their safety measures in place,” the pilot finished. The pilot looked briefly to see Mr Lake was showing signs of panic, he then spoke, “Mr Lake try not to worry, we will make it, I have been in worse situations, and I do know how to fly a glider,” the pilot said with a tense smile showing on his face. Mr Lake just nodded.

Suddenly appearing before Mr Lake was a being, an ethereal being, so fine a filigree a spectral being. A face of the most beautiful lady ever seen, flawless skin, bright green eyes and long fluttering white hair, dressed in a white flowing dress. She was floating, inside the plane, but she was also outside in open sky, but always only a few feet from Mr Lakes face. She moved closer to him, her smile gave Mr Lake a feeling of hope and calmness.

Believe, I am your Angel of Hope, clear your head, keep your faith, belief and hope and you will see another day” He could hear the words but she was not speaking. All he could see was her face, her smile and hands waving in front of him. Her hands then brushed his face, he felt the warmth and love she was passing to him.

“Believe, and faith, and hope, you will survive.” these were the last words he heard from her as she faded slowly and disappeared.

Mr Lake became relaxed, and felt really good within himself, he believed that this day was not to end here. He closed his eyes, and drifted, thinking of the Angel, seeing her face.

“Mr Lake, embrace yourself.” shouted the pilot. Mr Lake did not hear.

The pilot then guided his ill plane to the ground safely and eventually came to a halt where all the rescue vehicles were waiting.

After breathing clear Mr Lake climbed out and then grabbed the small box. The vehicle with the blue lights sped across the runway and came to a halt,  a lady rushed over to Mr Lake, he promptly handed her the box and she said “Thank you” and turned and returned to the car. The organ donor vehicle then sped off with lights flashing and siren blaring. Mr Lake just watched and saw the Angel of Hope and her smile and then heard her voice, “Believe”

“I believe thank you”  Mr Lake whispered back.




18 thoughts on “Angel of Hope!

  1. Yes, just Believe . A beautiful story with an empowering message. Finely done my Kind Sir.
    How anxious I became as I read with anticipation of t he pilot possibly not being able to land the plane. I had visions of a recent airplane crash movie I just saw, so I rode with a little fear factor from the movie Flight that you & I spoke about, your story with a much happier ending. A smile maker it is.

    1. Yes I remember the film you watched, and you quite well know the words of believe etc,, and the love of angels, such a beautiful element..I had to make it happy ending for two reasons, the survival for one and the angels words and of course organ being donated and another life being saved elsewhere.. My lady thank you very much and so enjoy your visits and comments.. welcome as always 😉

    1. Hey Carol,, nice to see you,,I also love angel stories,, but this is the first I have tried.. and glad that you liked it.. Welcome and appreciated.. as always. 😉

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