Do I Need Him?..Maybe, Maybe Not!

Friday 4th October 2013

I Might Just…Do I or Don’t I?

With my music site ‘Brocks Music Shed’ BMS1 - Copyjoined with my rebirth of playing the guitar, my research has taken me along many different paths and journey’s. and when I found this first tune I had to write a post. The music is brilliant, even if you are not a religious person you cannot but help liking. So after listening to this song several times I was prompted to write a post, and include a second from the same artist.

Throughout my journey of life, I can honestly say that I have never actually been a religious person, not really knowing why, just me being the way I was. I will say that I have always respected it, it being the stories of Jesus and God and religion and of course the big book itself. But I suppose most people like me would have said this, maybe to appease their listeners or people who do believe. I do not like hearing people speak ill or blaspheme the topic, and I think that those who do so is because they are usually scared to admit, not wanting to open up to their true feelings. Maybe me being one, who knows.

We all at sometime say a quiet prayer of some sort, whether we would admit or not. I have under certain situations spoken the words “Thank God” or looked into the sky thinking of heaven. I do believe that everyone wants to go to heaven or have their own visualizations of heaven, and want to end up there. But and it is a big BUT, since the start of my blogging world, this new journey, actually several new journeys and new experiences. I have met many new people and the world of God has now become part of my whole experience, with many people introducing and writing of their beliefs. The thing I like about it is that, all that I follow and read have never been pushy or preaching every time they post. It is  left to the individual to follow and read at will. I say this because I am one of the first people to walk away if I think or realise someone is trying to push or sell something. 

After saying this I have to admit today I have become a little closer. The Universe with its dreams and the faith, the convictions and the premonitions and all that come with this is another belief that challenges religion, even if only in a small way. It is the Universe that interests me, I have become one with this, the principles and faith of both can go side by side.  

To finalise with music like this, the two I have posted, and my enjoyment of the search I am certainly onto a winner. Hope you all think the same. Until next time. 

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26 thoughts on “Do I Need Him?..Maybe, Maybe Not!

  1. One thing one can certainly say for religion is that it has inspired some excellent music through the ages.
    As for faith/belief, the one religious type I never trust are those who try and force such thinking. Belief under duress is an oxymoron. True belief and faith have to be borne from an inner conviction.

    1. This is my point,, it should be by choice and not forced onto people. most would find their own beliefs if they are so inclined.. as always thanks and welcome .. 😉

  2. Those who carry God in their hearts (without extremism of any sort) are some of the most content people I have come across. They carry love, trust and faith and it shows in every movement. I have witnessed and envied this but in my relationship with God will not likely reach that level. Musicians and singers who revel in the glories of heaven have the ability to channel it through their work and it is so beautiful to witness.

  3. Powerful songs, both my kind Sir. He is a vocalist who evokes so much emotion for the listener, I love how brings up the crescendo in I Will Rise. Felt in through my spirit.
    I need not express my beliefs to you here as you know them pretty intimately. I will address the sense I get when someone tries to push their beliefs on me a believer, that they really are trying to convince themselves. They think the more they can influence others the stronger their faith will become. That’s when I take issue. I don’t think it’s necessary to try to impress my faith on someone else.

    You continue to surprise me as your spirituality grows. Makes me smile you have in one years time been on a spiritual journey that take some years to trek. And sadly some never do.
    In my mind our relationships with God are very private relationships, but sharing the joy and contentment from such faith is something that is meant to be shared. Fellowshipping. Which your share is a perfect example of.
    Fabulous gospel music too by he way.

    1. It was this artist that inspired the post my lady, I was originally just going to make a music post but thought they and he deserved a little more,, and then the emotions and thoughts came to mind, to which I had to write them down. Maybe this was part of divine intervention, who knows.. You know how I feel about the Universe and related topics and how it affects and makes me feel,, so from this I decided to do this.. and am so happy that you have left such a long and wonderful comment,, as you know I love to see your face and name and read your words. My lady thank you very much appreciated and honoured 😉

  4. Gerry, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always try to eventually make my way to visit those who visit me.

    This is an interesting post. I am a believer and I have been for a long time. However, I walked away from the church – not my faith – several years ago, basically for some rest from Christian speak and man’s expectations of what a Christian life should look like. It is something I am currently wrestling with. Christians are just imperfect people with faith, and I am as flawed as they come.

    I respect your journey, wherever it takes you. And thanks for sharing the music. I haven’t heard Chris Tomlin in years and it brought tears to my eyes.

    1. Rob this comment pleases me realising that I am not the only one of this thought. Slight variations but resulting in the same ends. I suppose I am put into the Christian bracket but only because I am not any other. One could talk and debate this from many viewpoints,, and hopefully with no bullets flying.. Thank you so much Rob,, please return always welcome. 😉

  5. For a long time, I resisted “God” as a matter of principle. Then I realized that I was being stubborn. All my life I have had a faith of sorts–not one that could be boxed up in any traditional religious doctrine, but faith in something Divine and bigger that me. Some people call this Divinity “God.” I call it the Divine or the Universal Oneness. Maybe what you call “It” matters to some people. It doesn’t matter to me. I find comfort knowing that, after my soul leaves this body, it has a place to go–a healing place. And I find comfort knowing that I’m not alone and that things aren’t random.

    Thanks for this post, Gerry. You made a discussion of spirituality non-controversial (at least in my opinion)!

    1. I had been one that has just drifted without realising it. The blogging world has made me more aware.. and Christian or Universe following matters not to me as long as I can feel comfortable within my own thoughts and beliefs. Knowing that I shall see my mother when the time comes for me.. as you say this is a great debate in the making,,, and a friendly one. Lorna thank you as always welcome 😉

  6. Small world. I was listening to Chris Tomlin just a while ago. My iPhone ‘s Christian Radio is pretty much the main source of music inspiration for me including gym cardio. Wonderful post my friend! Stay blessed always.

  7. haven’t been here for awhile, since the summer was busy with travel and visitors and life…. i tried to keep posting but it is taking a while to return visits.
    but somehow i stumbled over here for what is obviously a timely post. enjoyed both songs immensely, and i am excited to hear about this journey you’re on. i am quite convinced you are onto a winner too!
    just as a thought, it is interesting to note that when Jesus interacted with people, he never forced or coerced them into believing in God or making particular choices. he just always extended an invitation, and he always allowed people to make a choice of their own free will. anyhow, blessings to you on this journey you’re on.
    i quite enjoy Chris Tomlin. Also Paul Baloche, if you’d like to google him 🙂

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment,, You are right, if I felt pressure of any sorts to force my thoughts then I would have shied away with no second thought.. but I have been left open minded and have started to like what I am finding. And thank you and will certainly look into Paul Baloche.. so welcome and appreciated.. 😉

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment,,, I feel in the same way as you,, I am a christian but it is of late that I have started to get closer,, and trying to understand it all welcome 😉

  8. Lovely post Gerry. I’m not religious either, like your other reader said, I have a relationship with Jesus and God, one that I hope will deepen as time goes on. I enjoy Chris Tomlin’s songs, too and “I Will Rise” is a personal favorite. Wherever you are in your journey I hope and pray that it will all turn out well for you. Have a blessed weekend! ~ Mary

    1. Mary thank you for this,, after these comments I realise a little clearer that I am on a journey and do have a relationship and developing.. glad you like the music as well,, there is some beautiful tunes out there in reference to gospel… thanks and welcome. 😉 and may your roads be clear.

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