DP: Release Me.

October 20th 2013 Sunday.

Daily Prompt: Release Me.

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

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This prompt rings both normal bells and alarm bells. My reason for this thought is because many people write beautiful blogs whether it be a mostly photo or writing there are a few that make me think. I wrote a post awhile back and although it was critical, it was also well-meant, not aimed at any particular blog, style or subject but some of the content appeared on some blogs. It was Facebook that inspired the post firstly, and what was being posted, rather tacky comments and feed updates, and to top it all my rather snobbish feeling. But I have never seen or felt any release or satisfaction from setting this post free. I have never posted it, I have it sitting in my draft and once in a while I will edit and add to it.


One of the reasons I have not posted it is because of the thought of hurting people’s feelings or thoughts. I do not know what this actually means. I wrote it from my view-point and how I felt about things and thoughts in general, and then realised that some people might be offended with my bluntness, or how I see certain things. Even though it was not directed at any particular person, blog or style. I have been told I am not the type of person that would offend and my character would not let me be this way, but my naivety may have done so unintentionally. Hence the reason it still being in my draft.

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43 thoughts on “DP: Release Me.

  1. Gerry, if I write a post on any subject I always post it, not matter what it contains. Because it is not aimed at anyone person, but a subject.

    I have posted about Muslims, Gypsies, Pakistani’s and a few other subjects, tell the truth and no-one will feel offended.

    1. Hey thank you Harry for this comment and supportive words.. You are right of course, and maybe will post it one day,, and yes i have read your posts,, and I suppose my opinion on some mattered little because I would only write an opinion.. But in truth Harry I am not very good at criticism, unless it is constructive and meaningful.. Maybe I should get a thicker skin so to speak.. as always welcome Harry and very much appreciated…..

  2. My curiosity is stirred too.
    Your un-posted post is obviously simmering away in the background of your mind for you to mention it here.
    We all have different views on life and the way we live it, if someone can’t accept your views with an open outlook as just being your ideals it is they who have the problem, not you.

    1. Thank you Vicky, I know of course you are right,, and I should do as you and others have said.. but until I feel comfortable within myself, then I see my post remaining in draft.. but you have given me a new heart and thought on this..watch this space.. 😉 welcome.

  3. now I will wonder what you wrote !
    you have my email..you could send it LOLs..
    I think I have several of those…one I have edited over and over and I think sometimes
    today is the day I will post…but then…I think…silence is golden….
    a wonderful post…makes one think and mull around in the mind a curiosity…that will no doubt grow…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. Maryrose, thank you for this lovely comment,,I expect by the sound of it a few of us have these unpublished posts.. and after reading comments I do wonder sometimes why I have not posted it.. as for email I do not have it, at least cannot find it smiling 😉 I only added a few lines at the weekend which is what partly prompted me doing this short post… much appreciate your words.. welcome…. 😉

  4. I understand completely, Gerry. I am very sensitive to others’ feelings, often at the expense of silencing my voice.

    I never can quite judge when it’s appropriate to say what is on my mind and when to keep quiet, so my default position is to keep quite–it seems the wiser, or maybe just the safer, course of action. I want to keep the peace for everyone else, even if a little unease is brewing inside of me. It’s easier for me (or so I tell myself) to manage my own dis-ease than to manage the dis-ease of others.

    Buddhists have a saying: “If you cannot contribute to the silence, then don’t.” I’ve often used that saying to keep quiet during moments when I know that saying something in a moment of emotion would probably not end well. But then, when I’ve had time to think about what is really niggling at me–what is at the heart of my dis-ease (if it still lingers after I’ve examined it)–I often find a way to skillfully talk about what’s in my heart without upsetting myself or anyone else.

    So, maybe saving the post, adding to it, editing it, is a way of examining your true feelings. If you decide to release it, it will be without all the emotional charge that ignited it in the first place. Maybe.

    1. Lorna you have once again honoured me with such a long and valued comment.. And what you say mostly is how I think it.. only difference is you manage to write and explain it better. Where I have over time edited and added to my draft it is probably not as controversial as I first thought,,, like you have said,, and in time it has calmed down and now my head rules rather than my heart.. rightly or wrongly.. As all of my comments here have said,, as long as it is truth etc then I should not worry.. we all have or own opinions.. I do like your Buddhist quote: smiling at the thought, as well.. I have one that I believe I wrote ; “It is hard to pretend, genuine is constant” Thank you so very much again for your loyal support…:)

      1. As always, Gerry, you are quite welcome. You are a wonderful soul and I feel honored to count you among my friends, even though we only know each other via cyber space. I trust that, come what may, your kind and wise heart will lead you to the exact place you need to be with this and every other conundrum you face.

      2. Thank you for your lovely and honourable words.. cyber friends indeed,,I am truly honoured to know you. Thank you very much.. 😉

  5. I admire anyone who speaks the truth, even if it’s not what I want to hear. I do think there is a fine line between venting your feelings and offending someone, more so on the internet, because if it’s face to face you probably know that person, on the internet you leave yourself wide open to complete strangers. I say ‘be yourself’ and if someone doesn’t like what you have to say then they don’t need to read your blog do they? Just my opinion…

    1. Welcome to my site and a great comment,, and again another view point that I should and will take on board. you say at the end of your comment just your opinion,, well my new friend,, that is exactly what I wish,, yours and any others again thank you so much and please be welcome.. 😉

  6. OMG … I’m just like that but not about offending anyone but about people judging me for what I’ve written on a post. Is that the same thing? MMMMmmmm …. here’s what I think (for what it’s worth) write the post like a reporter would. He is not necessarily giving his opinion as much as just giving the facts. Then, you could post it and no one would think it’s against them. Anyway, nothing you ever say is offensive.
    This is a post that begs for dialog.
    Issy ~~~~ : – )

    1. Izzy you have made a fantastic and valued point.. and as a follower you probably know know of my Daily Gerald posts that I use as a paper reporting,so it makes it more valued,, this is such a valued point and I will definitely consider it.. I have wondered if there are others of us that have done similar,, Lorna above said she has, and over time the editing has taken the sting out of the post. It is quite surprising how a post brings attention,, this one I did not expect to get the comments it has.. all very much welcome as you are.. Thank you Izzy and always welcome and appreciated..

      1. Isn’t that the truth …???? Sometimes, I post something in a rush just to make sure I am keeping the interest of my followers and it gets out-of-the-park comments. Then, I’ll work on a post deligently and review constantly and no one or few see it. Blogging is a mystery. It’s what keeps us doing it. We feel compelled to get it right and win.
        ~~~~~ : – )
        Izzy xo

  7. If one writes frankly and passionately about any subject, there are bound to be some who will not take kindly to some of the content. People have even taken personally some of my posts about common errors in spelling or grammar.
    As I see the matter, it is their choice whether to learn, shrug it off, or feel offended. The important thing is never to target any particular blog or blogger.

    1. Yes Col’ this is how I write as you know, i never point at any particular blog or person, just purely a personal view point, or general post,, but it was and is weird how this one in my draft affected my thoughts… so appreciate your comments,, thanks. 😉

  8. Gerry, I have just made a post, some people will agree others will disagree, i’m not worried 🙂

    I wonder how you will find it 🙂

  9. Sometimes, I have been accused of being blunt, when expressing myself verbally; and I have been misunderstood when expressing myself in writing. I wouldn’t mind comments that disagree with me, as long as they are respectful. You own your blog. You can speak your mind freely 🙂 Negative comments – as long as they are respectful are acceptable in my book. And controversy can start a good conversation. Of course, I am like you, and would probably hold back 🙂

    1. Rob you are so right,, I am not one that gets into these types of affray,, but I can get very uptight about certain things and then it is my head ruling. I always try to be respectful, in fact always am, but once in awhile writing my read wrongly to certain readers. And then it starts off a bad words. As you say, a good constructive argument or criticism is valid, but some cannot restrain themselves to this alone. Rob thank you so very much for this valued comment.. I am being surprised daily with the takes on this topic. friend and welcome. 😉

  10. Wow! Curiosity ate this cat! Post it! lol! No, really, listen to your heart and if it is more drawn to posting it, then by all means, do so. If you continue to hesitate, ask yourself: (1) Does this matter to me? (2) Is this important to me? (3) Do I feel this will benefit others on any level, including myself? (4) If I post and get negative comments, how will that make me feel? I totally get how you feel. I, too, am pulled in the direction of suppression for the fear of being taken wrong or for fear of receiving rejection or negative feedback. Sometimes we do things because we feel it’s the thing to do at the time. Sometimes, we have to post something because it’s our truth, it’s how we feel and we don’t care who knows it. The bottom line is, good feedback and/or bad feedback and either way, can you live with it? One good thing is if you can’t, things eventually die back down after a while. Time heals all and time makes people forget. 😉 I wanna read it!

    1. Hey squidge thank you for stopping by, I have been completely overwhelmed with the amount of comments I have received and all the varying opinions and suggestions, I do not actually if it all has helped me or made my view harder. Yours does make a lot of sense, and do love to read your words, but at the moment I think I will keep in my drafts until I feel comfortable with it. But thank you so very much and welcome so appreciated.. good luck in Nano tomorrow. 😉

  11. Well, Mr. Gerry, you’ve certainly got my imagination stirred up now. But I doubt that you will actually offend people by what you say — unless they are the kind of people who just walk around with a chip on their shoulder already. And, of course, I guess that’s easy for me to say because most of the stuff you say, I agree with.

    1. Sandra you are too kind, well it started off as a post from a bad mood, but never posted and over time edited it so it probably is not as strong as I first thought.. you could be right about people and chips.. at the moment I will keep it in my drafts,,, but I do like Izzy’s idea of making it into a paper article ‘Daily Gerald’ we shall see .. thank you 😉

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