Xmas Story [Gift of Love] 2.

Monday 2nd December 2013

Christmas story best

Christmas at the Mall

Striking up a Conversation.

Xmas story 2

To be Continued…………

Again a few errors, but ignore them and enjoy the story….Thanks .

2013 Winner   Thank-you12.jpgthank-you09.jpg



10 thoughts on “Xmas Story [Gift of Love] 2.

    1. Colline this is exactly why I include them.. seasonal and hopefully people enjoy for their own reasons.. I get the emotions searching,, thank you and welcome…

  1. This was great! I watched the flash mob at the mall and loved it, then read your story and could see it unfolding, thanks to the video. So good!

    1. Funny enough or coincidentally, the other day a program talking about coffee drinking in UK, gave a result of favourites and Latte was first, and second was shops own regular.. if you believe surveys that is,,, I actually like to drink coffee and suck foam off the top…. 😉

      1. Yes that is so, that is why I dont like latte much myself, In a little place in Lymington we used to go to I used to have expresso, but I do prefer the regular,,strong with little milk, my best mate from youth days, his mother was Italian,, and she percolated her own and that was strong…..;)

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