Remembering my Mother.

Friday 13th December 2013.

Today is my mothers birthday. No longer on this earth, but I can still and always will remember her until the day comes when we meet again.

Dear Parents

This graveyard such a mournful place,

The vicar walking at a steady marching pace,

His congregation follow towards the deeply dug hole,

Their loved one departed, blessed be their soul.

The little church standing proud on the hill,

Old grey stone, dark wooden doors, hinges that shrill,

Gravel paths and neatly groomed landscape,

Colourful flowers, like a curtain they drape.


Footsteps I slowly tread toward the headstone,

To where they lie together, at last they are alone.

Mother and father left me many years ago,

Oh dear parents, my love I wish to show.


I had not a chance to say my last goodbye,

Sitting with you now wishing that I could cry,

My heart still grieve after all these years,

Dear mother and father forgive these belated tears.


Looking over me, yes, I can feel you are near,

Guiding me gently and steering me clear,

You are in my dreams both day and night,

It wont be long now when we can all unite.

Written by  me, Thank-you12_thumb.jpg



17 thoughts on “Remembering my Mother.

  1. Well I hope you don’t re-unite too soon! Tomorrow would have been my dad’s birthday, the day after my mother’s and the day after that, one of her brothers. The last time I saw my mum was on the birthdays when she had come to Spain to stay with us.

  2. A beautiful poem, Gerry, and a lovely tribute to your mother. I miss my mom very much, even though she’s been gone 33 years. I often find myself saying, “I would give almost everything I have for just 30 minutes to sit and talk with Mom.” I lost my dad in July, and it is a little bit of comfort to know they are together again — and especially to know that they are with the Lord. I was blessed with such terrific parents, and I can honestly say that I have only happy memories of all our years together. I’m so glad you have wonderful memories of your mother.

    1. Similar to you Sandra my mother been gone for 39 years, but she has always been my inspiration..Father a little longer.. I am so thankful for your words… appreciated and welcome. 😉

  3. Parents have such a profound influence on one that it is truly wonderful to be able to remember them with admiration for what they did and who they were – on top of filial affection.

    1. I suppose it is to do with the first showing of love a child experiences, and then probably continuously through life. But I am lucky with my parents but not all of us are.. Thank you Col’ welcome.. 😉

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