Is it! Is it Really, Just Another Day?

Wednesday 12th February 2014

Below is the second of four poems I wrote while in hospital. It was written during my first week, after my operation I was unable to think or concentrate to write more, believe me I did try. The first week I was just waiting around for an opening to come for my operation. After my Angiogram I was told I was less urgent and because of the Xmas period they were getting emergency operations. So I had plenty of time, until 30th December, to think and write. I was able to walk about, so I always got dressed and did exactly that, and also spent a lot of time in the day room watching Christmas television. My hardest task was trying not to get too bored, but I lost this battle several times. I was very emotional and my moods up and down rather a lot. Many thoughts went through my head, both good and bad. Very lonely and alone, even with all the smiling and extremely good nurses doing their best, but it is not quite the same. I often felt lost. Below is my poem and a great song to relate to the title, hope you all enjoy. Thank you.

Just Another Bloody Day.

Another hour of another day hits me.

Another surprise with another trauma.

Waiting, making friends with a bed to be.

Tormented and teased and facing a dilemma.


Mental destruction, being pulled many ways.

Never knowing but always realising.

I know now where I am to spend my next few days.

Information absorbed becomes demoralising.

BMS1 - Copy

Moved about like a family of nomads,

Amongst many that have no face to show.

Some are mothers waiting, some are hopeful dads,

All that I am told makes me reach an all time low.


Another ward from another room,

Yet again I am moved, turmoil in my head.

I try very hard to avoid thinking ofΒ  all the gloom,

But this battle I am losing, let it be said.


Another morning followed by another evening,

The orange sun rises smiling all the way.

Across the sky it travels its rays warm and reaching,

Finally gone, I see none of this fabulous day.


Another day ending with another night,

Outstretched arms I try to grab at some life,

I am now so tired, I close my eyes and see the light,

Bright lights and angels, at last no more strife.

Gaa/CΒ  Dec 2013.

23rd December 2013 while in hospital. Ward D2 Coronary Care Unit.


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37 thoughts on “Is it! Is it Really, Just Another Day?

    1. Hey Kj thank you, but you were all in my thoughts while I could not make contact. I will get there and getting stronger each day and will be fully back on the saddle soon. Welcome and loved. πŸ˜‰

      1. sorrow ha! obviously sorry, but still, either way the word conveyed the message – I’m still sending lots of very good wishes your way, it can do no harm and maybe a little good eh? πŸ™‚

        take it slowly and bit by bit, always pleased to see a post, but you have more important things to think of (ie YOU!)

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t have an enjoyable Christmas and end of the year, Now it;s a New Year. A new day. A new lease on life, but do take it easy and rest up.

    At least the lovely poetry writing helped break up your day.

    1. It definitely could have been better. My poetry is a good escape for me, and glad that people enjoy them. And yes getting better every day and it should not be too long before I am back in the saddle. Welcome and appreciated.

    1. It was very hard to describe, but how right you are. I have actually minimised the drama that I went through. but it is fun now I am home. Welcome and appreciated and thank you πŸ˜‰

  2. Gerry, this is such a moving poem. I can feel everything you’re feeling. And I’ve been there when my husband and father had to go through so much during hospital stays. I’m especially sorry that you had to get through this experience without family support. But I was definitely praying that the Lord would be with you — whatever was going on. That was before I knew all the details that I know now, so I couldn’t be specific. But He knew.

    1. One thing i kept thinking was that I had no internet access, [hospital stopped it because of hacking] and how to make contact to let people like you others know what was happening. But I also felt that most would know that something was amiss. Sandra words from you have certainly given me encouragement. I so do appreciate your support. welcome and loved πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you so much, my tunnel now has some visible light. No need to apologise, just nice to see and read your words now, they help me through my tunnel. welcome and loved πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes you are very right Jo, it helped me so much at the time. Even my doctors said that it was good therapy. So pleased you enjoyed the poem as well. Welcome and loved,.. πŸ˜‰

  3. I feel your moments in every word in this poem. I was ill for a long time, too.
    Having died in the ambulance and in hospital for long periods and after 3
    more times I know loneliness. There are people in hospital but yet there aren’t.
    I’m glad you’re here to write about it. I hope you continue to improve your health and
    continue to write about your experiences.
    Healing Blessings …

    1. Thank you Izzy, it means alot to me… but I do hope you are also well now. I do not want to over do the experience, it might seem I am looking at sympathetic words. But I will post my two other poems shortly as well with a short note. Wishing you the best of health also… welcome and loved. πŸ˜‰

  4. This poem speaks volumes of how you were feeling during this time. It must have been very difficult. You sound so alone, but surely you had family around, your wife? kids? friends? I hope that cheered you up with visits. But I can see even if someone was with you all day, they wouldn’t be able to cheer you much under those circumstances.

    I’m glad you pulled through just fine and are here to share your poetry. Do you feel this experience changed you? Will you do things differently from now on?

    1. Yes I was lucky to have family visiting regularly and able to stay for several hours at a time. But it was the time on ones own that firstly got the better of me. Thank you so much for your kind words. I think my life is changed for the good now and will have to do things with a little different thought. Welcome πŸ˜‰

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