Happy Bunny-Funny.

Wednesday 5th March 2014.

This is my fourth and final poem that I wrote while in Southampton General Hospital. I hope you will enjoy it. I wrote them from my true feelings at the time. Enjoy!

Happy Bunny-Funny


Cannot be a happy bunny,

Cannot always be that funny

Smiling becomes harder each day

Laughing, oh man no way.

The audience faces are blank.

Cheeks and chins just sank,

Smiling no, you must refrain.

Humour forbidden never again,

No jokes not a word spoken,

Lying still waiting to be woken.

Every now and then a smile breaks through.

‘Get out! get out you’ someone shouts.

This way of life we can now mourn.

Laughter and joy once again born.

We can now be a happy bunny

We can now always be funny.

Gaa/C  Dec 2013.

Whilst in hospital, ward D2 Coronary Care unit.

December 28th 2013.

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23 thoughts on “Happy Bunny-Funny.

  1. Hey, Gerry, I like the sound of the last lines of this one. It’s beginning to sound like the old Gerry. But I’m wondering if I missed some. I read only one other poem that you wrote while in the hospital. Did you post more than two?

    1. Thanks Sandra, glad you enjoyed, and yes have posted all four poems. So appreciate your views and opinions. Welcome always thank you again. 😉

      1. I’ll go back and look for them. I was really sick with some kind of brutal flu for about a week. I may have missed them during that time, because I wasn’t on here regularly.

      2. Gerry, I still found only three of your poems that you wrote in the hospital. The one about the happy bunny, the one about the loving hand, and then last one. But I never could find the other one. Could you by any chance give me a link to that page?

    1. Hey thank you Kj, appreciate your view as always,, you know me I love being a little controversial, or is it plain nuttiness or sarcasm.. a bit of both I guess. Welcome always. 😉

  2. Gerry, sorry to see you were hospitalized. Nice job on the poem. I hope you are back to your chipper self by now. Thank you for looking in on my blog and “liking” my posts. Margie

    1. Thank you Margie, am a lot stronger now still having to be careful.. getting there though.. You are welcome,, I have had a few problems with my email alerts, sorry if I missed any.. Welcome always 😉

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