Changes…To Write? Too late..

Friday 14th March 2014

Another exclusive unearthed from the Daily Gerald reporter…Gaa/C 2014©


Changes/To write?….  The following report is purely a report.

Changes,, new developments and new mentality, Change it from yesterday to today, and tomorrow. What exactly constitutes to change. Changing ones underwear, changing ones clothes. Changing ones hairstyle or colour. The act of changing ones mind, yes I suppose these can all be accounted for as change.

Change – replace with another.  As I have just had done to me.

Change – attitudes, these are and can be considered drastic, and hurting, or just bad,  depending on what it is that has changed. Or how the person or persons changed.  eg: when something is considered good and normal between, say, two people. Whether it be siblings, parents or even lovers. This happens when one of them decides to change their thoughts and attitude towards and an on going situation. Especially when the other is thinking that it need not have changed as such.

I have just become one of the many, especially Facebooker’s to use a quote of the day or just quotes. What the hell is all this about? Proving that one can research and find all these quotes on Google or any other search option. Purely their choice I know, but it seems to be so rife  that it becomes boring. [Like me I suppose]. Easy it is to put a quote on a post or timeline, easier than writing our own words of wisdom, is it? oh! and it makes us all look good.  How many of us actually believe or follow the actions of these words that some person has thought up and written for us to make ourselves look good. Sad when people result to this. But I have ‘Changed’ and also become sad, because, hey I am using a couple myself. I say words of wisdom, well are they?  Do I actually heed or take in the words on these quotes, do you, it makes me wonder. 


Lets take the first line – ‘no one falls in love by choice,  it is by chance’ [maybe so, but we do have a choice. Do we not have control of our own emotions and mind.]

Second line – no one stays in love by choice, it is by work. [to me this is pathetic, love is natural and needs no work. relationships yes maybe]

Third line – no one falls out of love by chance. it is by choice. [ I will be nasty and say what a load of crap. I have never experienced falling out of love by choice.] It is usually forced on one by the opposite party.


How ever you might well disagree, but that is your choice and is respected. But what I have encountered partly for my myself but seen from the outside looking in, is the absolute rubbish people say just to verify their reasoning. You have changed, is a common one. Even exaggerate the situation. I can be and probably have been guilty of this as well, it just seems to be human nature. Words like this demean the real emotion of love, the power, the drug to be addicted to. So many ways to love, fall in love, experience love, in fact there are far too many to mention, THERE ARE NO RULES TO LOVE! are there?  Yet someone writes a few lines and hey: we are all using them. [including me]

Change, can be made voluntarily, as much as unknown to us, changes gradually happen while we live, not knowing it is happening. We are told this is life.  But is it and are we so readily to accept this, or should we question. I think it is often used as an excuse, not a reason. Health is a good reason for change, forced upon us, and we have to adapt and change to compensate the illness and its symptoms. That is another post, which will be written and edited shortly by Daily Gerald newspaper.

 Gaa/C 2014©

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21 thoughts on “Changes…To Write? Too late..

  1. I agree with what you said about the chance poem. What a load of crap. You sound just a touch cranky. Hope something good happens to you today. 🙂 Perhaps you’ll feel the loooooove.

    1. Thank you Trish,, It was a feeling I had a long whie back with some of the experiences I encountered,, it has been in my drafts for awhile.. But no not cranky, just a mood for the moment.. a little unlike me I know. 😉 experiment if you like. welcome always.

  2. In a way we do change – we get older, more experienced in life, and are able to make better choices. But on one level we do not change. Our basic personality and inner being does not change. To quote a saying: a leopard doesn’t change its spots.
    I like that you analyze the quotes that abound on Facebook. Sometimes we do need to look deeper into the words and see what it is that those words encapsulate.

    1. Colline you are right in so much as personality etc,, but recently have had to make changes enforced by health.. I have an expression I like to say ‘Pretending is hard, genuine is constant’ It is just my viewpoint and love to read everyone elses.. how we learn, and maybe change.. Welcome always 😉

  3. One of my very favourites about change is something I learned on my MBA. In dealing with a situation, ie a problem, you can accept the situation, leave the situation, change the situation – or – change yourself. Easy and flippant to say, but it does show there are many options for dealing with a given scenario. Me, I usually leave when I don’t like something 😀

    As for love, I’m no expert so I’ll say no more.

    1. That is the point Kj no one is an expert with love but most of us have experienced it.But I dont like people telling me how I should or should not. As always thank you and welcome.. 😉

  4. I find one of the biggest wastes of my precious energy is to fuss about change. Nothing (even me) is permanent. I have to get used to that simple fact. I may not like it, but accepting it makes life for me so much more peaceful. As for love, well, humans can complicate it all day long. When I think of love, I think of how my beloved Scrappy (or other dogs past) have felt for me and I for them). Love is simple when I think about it in those terms… 😉

    1. Change is usually a gradual thing, and mostly we do not realise it is happening, apart from health, like me recently, which is forced on me. Albeit a sensible and life saving and sensible. Dogs are loyal and there love is so true, and yes Lorna love should be simple but people complicate it and use for so many excuses… Thank you and Welcome always…

  5. I agree with you…about the poem. Change is sometimes forced on us, but what we need. I have always found change difficult but am learning to not only accept it but embrace it these days

  6. I am a huge fan of quotes, although I don’t usually appreciate them filling up my Facebook page. I do use them on my blog. Heck, “Quotes” is one of my menu options 🙂 It’s nice that you wrote a post to go with the quote. I follow another blogger who does that once a week, and very eloquently. I use photos.

    I’m not a fan of change; but, it seems to be inevitable. Every day is different.

    1. It is not the quotes that upset me it is the over use, and people not using their own ability…I just wanted it to be constructive,, and hopefully this was done… Welcome Robin and thanks.. 😉

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