Another Brock Story. Reflections of the Past.

Saturday 22nd March 2014



Morant Hall,Brockenhurst, or as we knew it New Forest Hall.

Brockenhurst once hosted one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the country.  The photographs I have included were taken by Geoff Parker and were taken from a Brockenhurst Tennis week in the 1920’s.

The tennis courts were behind, what was the Morant Hall on the Lyndhurst road and was used in the run up to Wimbledon (the hall was also called the New Forest Hall). 

The photographs were inherited from his late mother, Florence Parker, wife of Albert Parker who ran the family business of butchers by the name of “A.J. Gossling” near the railway crossing.

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My mother used to tell me stories of the days it held dances, and tea dances, mostly pre-war, the old days when dances had glitter balls turning and lights reflecting beams through out the hall. She apparently met my dad there.

I myself used to go there with a friend of mine, he use to play the piano that was inside on the stage to the large dance floor, and glitter ball. My friends mother worked in a bar/hotel, the owner of which also owned The Hall and he let my friend go in to practice the piano on their grand piano. It was the start of my interest in music and started playing the guitar a year or so later. The year approx 1967, and the hall was still being used for banquets and high society dances and meetings. The Hall was later sold and knocked down for housing.

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32 thoughts on “Another Brock Story. Reflections of the Past.

    1. There are two FB buttons one just above with all others and one on the right, although that is to mine..not sure what they do though.. thanks for the thought anyway.. welcome 😉

      1. The Facebook “Like” button just posts a “like” for the page on my FB page. But I wanted to post a link to your article. So I copied and pasted. There should be a “Facebook Share” button in your “Sharing” settings, but I don’t know for sure. Mine has one though.

  1. Fantastic photos Gerry, knocks spots off so-called good photos these days. There’s a wonderful backhand shot followed by the deckchairs which are prob my faves, but so many good ones in there. Wonderful. Gutted (literally?) to know it was knocked down for housing. Could have made it into loads of flats.

    1. That is my thought,, but they are nice houses,, small country houses…. but still a shame because it was a beautiful building. that had so many memories for so many people… You have made me smile with your lovely comment Kj thank you Welcome always 😉

      1. There was a big mansion house in my parents’ village where they retired to (the village not the big house). The owner let it fall apart so they could flog the plot for new-builds 😦

      2. This building was sold because of health reasons [I think was the reason] because a few years later he sold off the pub/hotel.. nowadays it is a snobby bar and food house.. 😉

    1. Thank you Chris and will do.. I personally love old black and white,, they seem to hold more character and so much more powerful… welcome… 😉

      1. I find the study of people in these old photos something of a pleasure. They weren’t soft like so many of us are today. They were rugged because they had to be rugged. Today, we’re just spoiled, I think. If, for instance, we lost the power grid, everyone but the preppers, Amish (et al) would be the only ones who’d know what to do.

  2. Fab take on the reflections challenge and such wonderful old B&W photos encapsulating the 1920s fashions. It must have been quite difficult to play tennis with such bulky long dresses! Shame the building was destroyed though – it looks lovely.
    Jude xx

  3. how cool is this! tennis fashion has come a long way since then. but some great action shots! what a shame that the old place had to go…. thanks for sharing.

    1. This post was not originally going to be a wordpress challenge, but then I thought Reflections of the past so why not.. and it seems like yourself people loved the take,, so wrong I was.. It does have history and memories…. thank you and welcome always Jo. 😉

  4. I used to live in Sway in the mid 1970s to 1990’s and I picked up in a local jumble sale, three dance cards from Morant Hall Lawn Tennis and Croquet club 1933. Inside they have all the dances to be played that evening by the Ambrose band and a space by each to make a note of your proposed partner. I have three of this with gilt edges in mint condition from that time. Kevin

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