po over and enjoy these wonderful tunes and post.. plus a lot more..Enjoy

Brocks Music Shed

Saturday 22nd March 2014.

A new batch of tunes for you to enjoy, all with the same subject line.  One of these tunes is me and my own composition. Taking a big chance on posting it. Tell me what you think, you will know which one when you hear it.  Enjoy.


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10 thoughts on “June.

  1. I really liked your song, Gerry. It does take a lot of courage to put yourself out here with your art. I thought the lyrics were really nice. They evoke a feeling of loneliness, except for that one Day in June. I also liked the guitar at around the 1:48 – 1:50 mark.

    My brother is a song writer. He performs locally where he lives and he shares his music online, too.

  2. Beautiful! Including your compilation.. I must admit though I really like the Jonny Love song. I don’t recall ever hearing this song before.

    I think your version is quite pretty. It’s quite a risk you took, and I think it was well worth it. I love your voice.

    1. Hey thank you very much for your lovely comment,,, even though the quality is not too good,, I really do appreciate it welcome always. 😉 I play in folk clubs regularly still,, it is fun..

      1. It’s a terrific artistic outlet. One most of us cannot pull off. I have the musical talent of a rock! lol I hope you get a lot of satisfaction in performing. I’m sure your audience does.

        My son is considering getting back into music. He used to sing for a heavy metal band. Now he’s thinking about folk music and the blues. Loves Bob Dylan. But performing alone is daunting.

      2. Tell him to go for it,, singular is not as bad as it may seem.. I did play in the 70’s in rock/country bands,, made quite a good living,, but not quite getting over that fame line.. Another post to explain it all. 😉

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