Outwitted. {Sandra’s Challenge}

Monday 19th May 2014.

Sandra’s Challenge.

 Tell me a Story.


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Words 609.

“You better hand it over or I’ll shoot you. In your arms first then your legs maybe knee caps then feet. So where is it?” Alfred just looked at him, showing no fright or shock. He knew this man, holding the gun in his right hand would use it as he says, but he also felt confident that he could outwit him and eventually over power this evil person.

“I haven’t got it but I know where to get it.” Alfred said calmly.

“Well, where is it?” the man said gruffly.

“Oh yeh, like I am going to tell you. Soon as I do so you’ll shoot me anyway, so I’ll take you there. Or if you rather just shoot me in which you’ll never get it.” Alfred said with some authority.

“Okay, but if you are playing me, then I will. Lets go then.”

We walked into the cafe, which was an annexe to the lighthouse, and here there was an entry gate to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was no longer used as a working lighthouse. A small fee was asked to go inside and traverse the steps to the top, there is a great view to see, on a clear sunny day one could see for miles. There is a small high walled harbour, and a lock gate that allowed members and yachts to moor. The water was still, brown muddy colour, with a few seagulls floating on the surface. Alfred nodded a hello to the woman behind the counter, “nice day for sailing.” he said.

Alfred got the gunman to pay the fee to pass through, they proceeded through the hall and came to the porch that took them through to the steps leading up. We climbed to the top, and was confronted with an open room with a polished and varnished wooden planked  floor, the large hexagonal room had glass panels all the way round. The patron was given a full circle vision of the harbour the hillside and village.

“Okay, where is it, I am now getting a little bored with this treasure hunt.” The gunman said with a threatening attitude. I noticed four other people here enjoying the scenery, one old lady was sitting on a wooden bench set in the middle of the room.

“You’ll have to distract these people,while I find it and retrieve it.” Alfred said quietly.

“Okay but no funny stuff.”

“You are the one with the gun.” Alfred said angrily.

Alfred went to the edge of the room, tapping floorboards as he went, until one made a different sound. Bending down he fiddled with a small piece and lifted it from the floor. He then leaned over put his arm in and pulled out a wrapped package.

The gunman saw this and went to him and grabbed the package, felt it and walked off quickly. “Don’t try to follow me.” Alfred just smiled as he watched the gunman go. Alfred then looked out of the window, looking down to the car park, he smiled and whispered to himself ‘got ya’

Back in the cafe the police had arrived as planned and arrested the gunman.

“I’ll take that, oh by the way I hope you enjoy your new home.” Alfred grabbed the package and unwrapped it to reveal a very valuable antique, an ornately and brightly painted wooden Indian. He handed it to the woman behind the counter and said, “Give this back to the rightful owner Julie, and tell him thanks.” As Alfred went to walk away Julie shouted after him, “Alfred, here don’t forget your fresh vegetables and fruit.” she handed him a large bag. Alfred just smiled as he walked away, nodding to the four policemen as he went.

Gaa/C© Monday 19th May 2014


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11 thoughts on “Outwitted. {Sandra’s Challenge}

  1. Great job, Gerry! You had my attention all the way through, and you got absolutely everything into the plot. Thanks so much for taking part. I’ve got to get busy, busy, busy on mine.

    1. It worked out quite well in such a short time,, but I am pleased you enjoyed, and I enjoy participating these are more of a challenge than others I see. But I have noticed that there are not many who visit on writing projects as do if it is a photo challenge. Welcome always.. 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed,, I do enjoy these mini stories, it was these that I did in Campnano… and a few more on the way,, maybe this my forte’ 😉 welcome

      1. Yes I realise this, I have 3 and half done and it is the first and second run of proofing and editing that I find hard.. welcome and thanks Lorna. 😉

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