Write 101-Day 17.

Wednesday 25th June 2014

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writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write 101 -Day 17 – We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

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Water, water everywhere and I steer clear of it. Well not quite true, I just remain a safe distance from the liquid. While my friends, in the past, would arrange and go swimming whether it be swimming pools or the beach, I would always remain home, making my excuses. As it was swimming bored me, and sun bathing on the beach was and still is to me a complete and utter waste of time. Nothing is more boring than sitting on the beach trying to get skin cancer. But my fear is water and has been for as long as I can remember.

One hot summers day my mother packed a picnic and took us down to the river, this part of our local river was like a mini beach, pebble shingle and a variety of depths to paddle or swim. The water was clean fresh and cool, and was a very popular meeting place for local families and very safe for their children. The main advantage of this part of the river was that the parents always had their children in view.

I was about eight years of age, and playing happily in the water with friends and my brother. All was going well, laughing and enjoying the water, running in and of the water, stopping for a sandwich and a drink and back into the water. I was happy in the water until an accident happened and I think it was this that put me off water ever since. I fell and lost control and submerged, completely underwater, I then scrambled about in a panic. A friend nearby pulled me up out of the water and I went and sat on the river bank. Not really knowing or understanding what had happened, all I do know is, I never went near water again. Needless to say I have never learnt to swim, I did however make sure my daughter learnt to swim and she loves the water. She swims well, like a fish as the saying goes. Yeh right!

A little contradiction is I love boats and being on the water in boats, the small ones can be scary, but the bigger ones, like ferries and cruise liners and yachts I love and enjoy the sailing. Not sure what would happen if the boats hit a problem, how I would react, my calm and relaxed persona would possibly fly out the porthole.

For awhile I fitted cookers and heaters into boats of various sizes and getting to some were a little risky to say the least. To get to some of these yachts the supply of small rubber dinghy or inflatable crafts were used and these frightened the pants off me. Walking along beaches and coast lines is a hobby of mine enjoying the views and looking out to the sea, but I always remain a good distance.

I use to enjoy walking in the rain, that cool refreshing feeling was so invigorating. But swimming pools and coastal beach bathing is not for me, much else about water is okay.

Gaa/C June 25th 2014

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21 thoughts on “Write 101-Day 17.

  1. I’m also not a water baby, although in recent years, I have made myself go snorkelling out at sea a couple of times. I found it terrifying, and poor hubby said that I held onto him so tight, that I could have drowned him. I had on a life jacket, but he didn’t. 🙂

  2. I’m scared too, someone pushed me under the water in a swimming pool when I was a young girl! The scariest thing I’ve ever done was snorkelling on the oral off of Borneo, proud of myself though!

    1. You did something I could not, and so you should be proud,, if I manage to do something I am afraid of I would be proud,, I went Disney Florida 4 times and it took me the third to go on some rides, and so pleased I did.. still dont go on roller coasters though.. that is for daughter. welcome always..

    1. I cannot agree or disagree because I do not know any different, I don’t miss it, I am glad that my daughter was interested enough to learn and prove to be good at it… I now just enjoy the scenery…. welcome 😉

  3. So your fear of the water is experiential, which is quite understandable. But what I remain intrigued about is what made you shift this fear to the perspective of ‘wasting of time’? For many others, water soothes and I suppose that is a great pupose being served.


    1. I find it a waste of time purely because I find it so boring, but I also understand others enjoy this,, most things to do with water, ie: swimming comps on tely [Olympics] diving etc do not interest me. Maybe because of my feelings about swimming and water in general.. welcome and thanks. 😉

  4. I almost drown twice… both times at a swimming baths. I steer clear of them… well-clear. Besides, they stink of chlorine…I cannot stand that, makes me breathless. I love the sea though, but that comes from being a Brit. I’ve even rowed out to sea. Like you, I love walking in the rain. 🙂

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