Write 101 #2 Just my View.

Wednesday 17th September 2014.

Writing 101,  #2 – A Room with a View. {or Just a View}

Today, choose a place you would like to be transported if you could- and tell us the back story. How does this specific location affect you? Is it somewhere you have been, luring you with the power of nostalgia, or a place you are aching to explore for the first time.

Today’s Twist – organise your post around the description of a setting.

Words – 787.


I finished checking in and settling into my room, I was now excited about the meeting in a couple of hours. This had been arranged a long while back, now the day was here and I could not wait to meet up with her again. It has been a long time since we last met, at least a year.

It was time to go to the reception and book my lift, the coach was due shortly, it meant getting there early but I was not going to worry about that. After all it was a place I could find plenty of things to do, passing time would be easy. Exactly 10am the coach pulled out of the motel grounds and were on our way. Air condition blowing through the bus, much-needed in this hot and humid day, with at least and hour and half  of sitting on this coach it was welcomed. The driver introduced himself and said he would put a video on for us to watch. He was true to his word after describing the events for the day, all times of departure, and places to meet. Then the Bee Movie, newly released animation Disney film started to play on the overhead televisions.

Due to unhelpful traffic our journey took near two hours, but it did give us time to see the whole movie. Before we, the passengers that is, left the coach, the driver gave us instructions about meeting the coach here at 6pm, and we all departed our ways.

At the entrance gate I slid my ticket into the slot, and a little green LED light appeared on a panel, united with a beep. The turnstile open allowed me to enter. I was here, her work place, she was somewhere nearby. My excitement was brewing, I was also feeling nervous. As I walked along the path, lined with bushes and shrubs I came to a large sign overhead, ‘Welcome to Homosassa Springs’ and with a sub-title ‘Wildlife State Park’. I was finding it hard to take it all in, travelling so far on my own, even though being a grown man, I had done this trip many times before but with my family.  I continued along the path, into a wooded area, from this path a large pond come river could be seen. The further I walked the larger this expanse of water became. Manatees could be seen swimming in slow motion. Rounding a corner came upon a picnic area with a two small huts on the side of the path, one and ice cream seller and the other for staff only. Leading from this was pontoon leading out into the water. A couple of staff could be seen at the end of the pontoon feeding the manatees. There were sign offering the public for a small charge to feed the manatees. All monies were donated to a charity helping save injured manatees. Looking at the crystal clear waters with a manatees gliding through the water without a care in the world. A beautiful place to live, to work, it was obvious why she loved her work here. I looked at my watch, 2.39pm roughly and hour and twenty minutes to pass, so I continued my tour around this park. It was busy up around the Panther and big cats area, and further on was the birds of prey enclosure with a golden eagle as the star.

After an hour I was back at the manatee centre, and my watch told me only thirty minutes to go. I bought an ice cream from the vendor and sat on a nearby wooden bench. While quietly eating and people watching, I was thinking how everyone is happy, having a smile on their faces. But I wonder if they are as happy as me, any other day I would be happy enjoying this park, but the park was secondary to my happiness. Staff was still on the end of the pontoon talking to the manatees floating by. Swimming away and then turning and swimming back to the staff. Completely engulfed in my thoughts, drifting away on the water with the manatees,  seeing sun rays through the trees and bouncing off the water. Birds chirping could be heard somewhere in the woods talking to each other.


I jumped and turned round to see her standing there, a year apart and she was glowing, looked bright and happy. I stood and we looked at each other and hugged like it was our last, “Hello dad, you look well. Oh, I have missed you so much.”

All I could say in return, “Me too love, me to.” still hugging and tears of joy appearing.

Gerry A/C Sept 2014




8 thoughts on “Write 101 #2 Just my View.

    1. No she is still here, doing her second year in animal management and welfare, just my take on her future or possible future.. I believe she will do it. I will put her onto you if she gets to the States,, she will love it….welcome and thanks always…

      1. Okay good. I thought maybe I missed something. Hallie is rethinking vet school. She’s just unsure about the whole euthanasia thing. Good luck to Ellie! Keep me posted about that girl, especially if she comes to the states. 😉

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