Write 101 #3 Songs.

Wednesday 17th September 2014.#

Write 101 #3 



Today, celebrate three songs that are significant you.

For your Twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping – and build a writing habit.

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you.


My simple but enjoyable piece for this one. Hope you all like my choice.


Sunshine of Your Love.

Amerita/Sense of Direction.

Words 276

One of my first encounters in music was learning how to play Colours by Donovan. Donovan was one of my favourite acoustic guitarists and singer songwriter, I actually like most of his songs. It was also one of my first songs I played in public at a folk club I used to frequent. It can be played by tuning the guitar to G or as I used to play it in normal tuning. I still play it today but not as much.

We come to Sunshine of Your Love by Cream, super group consisting of Eric Clapton, my favourite guitarist of all. Jack Bruce, vocals and bass, a man with a very unique sounding voice and easily recognisable. Lastly Ginger Baker drummer or drummers, in his day he was rated as the best in the world. Could be argued depending on style of music. Buddy Rich was equal to him in the jazz world, he and Baker were friends and played together on several projects. This band was my most favourite of all and still sends shivers across my neck. Especially listening to it for this post. I learnt how to play this as well and played in one of the bands I was in.

Sense of Direction by Climax blues Band just blew my mind the first time I heard it. The melody was catchy the lyrics was great but as a guitarist myself, what impressed me was the guitar riff and solo. Climax Blues Band, and English band have done some fabulous tunes but this particular song, also name of their Album was very impressive and imprinted on my mind. Even today I am still in love with it.

 Gerry A. Sept 2014



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