Write 101 #4 Serially Lost

Thursday 18th September 2014.

Writing 101: Serially Lost Pt 1.

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Today’s Twist. Make today’s post the first of three part series.

Day Out One.

Words 665.

Day Out!

The day started well, our journey to Longleat Park went well, hardly any traffic and my father did not curse too much. We had a long walk to the entrance from our parking, I was thinking how lucky we were it was not raining or wet. Parking on this grass would be difficult to get off as our car was only a small Austin. And we would get wet feet walking, but it was warm and sunny as it had been for a week or more.

Queuing at the entrance gate my dad was getting irritated with my brother because my brother was whining a lot because he wanted to go to the toilet. “You should have before we left” mother would say. “I did” said brother dancing about and crossing his legs. My sister and I could not help but laugh because watching him was rather funny. The first thing we did when inside was to find the toilet, we all used, just in case. My brother who was sixteen did not really want to come, saying he was old enough to do what he wanted and could look after himself. Me on the other hand, a year younger looked forward to this day out ever since mother told us about it, as did my sister who is five years younger.

We toured the park, visiting the aviaries, the compounds of various other animals and watched a birds of prey display. We went on the pleasure boat across a lake and fed the seals that were racing in the boats wake, and leaping from the water at random. Dad booked us on a tour bus that went through the lion and big cat enclosures and then the monkey followed by the wildlife which consisted of giraffes, elephants, antelopes, pelicans and deer of various sizes. This tour took us several hours to complete, and the scariest part was having monkey’s climbing all over the bus and peering through the windows. Many screams from the children were also mixed with laughter. The driver was speaking through an intercom describing the event as we passed through them. I sat with mother who was giving me a more in depth commentary as the driver talked about the animals we passed them.

After all the tours and walking we found a nice lawn in front of the mansion near the river, and looking across to the lush green area of grassland and woods, mother said, “here seems a nice place to have our picnic.” As mother opened up the bags of food and drink we kids played a game of spot the car, dads car was parked somewhere on the grassland but we could not find it. Before we sat to eat dad got us to pose for a photograph, and then mother took one with dad in it. Middle afternoon, hot sunshine and eating, older brother still giving the odd moan, while young sister wanted to go to the nearby children’s play area. I told mother I would walk over with her and keep watch. “Half an hour, and we move on okay?” dad said.

“Come on time to move on,”  my mother shouted. We all then headed for the mansion to go on a house tour. Us kids found it a little boring but there were a few highlights for us. The time passed quickly and we heard voices of people telling everyone we are closing shortly and to make our way out and head for the exit.

It was just after 8pm when dad started his car and moved off to head for home, “I hope the roads are good, don’t want to be sitting in this car for too long.”   Part 2 to follow soon.


Gerry A/C Sept 2014©



9 thoughts on “Write 101 #4 Serially Lost

  1. It’s too bad there wasn’t someone around to take a family photograph with all of you in it at the same time. What fun, going back and remembering when. 🙂

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