Write 101 #7 Give and Take and Enjoy.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue. You can create a strong opposition between the two speakers — a lovers’ quarrel or a fierce political debate, for example. Or you could aim to highlight the difference in tone and style between the two different speakers — your call!

Give and Take and Enjoy.

Today I have posted one that I posted before so apologies to anyone who has read it before. On this challenge I try to do a different story but today I thought this was good and hope you do. 

Day 7

Words 626

Gaa/C June 2014

“But dad, I don’t want to go, there are loads of others going, and I don’t want them to see me.” Annie was arguing once again with her dad.

“Annie, it is your last time, after that you wont see any of them again.”

“But you don’t see do you? going up on the stage is so yuk! everyone will laugh.”

“Annie you will not be the only one, all your year will doing it as well, so some of your friends will be there doing. You should be so proud of yourself, I am. I am very proud of you. And I’ll be there with your mum.” her father said quietly putting his point across.

“That is my point, all the adults watching.” Annie then sulked off into her bedroom. Her father thought it best if he left her alone for a moment. She was obviously scared about it, and he thought it was up to him to try and show her there was nothing to be scared of, but a moment to be very proud. This is her last moment to show her achievements and be very proud of them. Just to give her a few her father went and made two cups of tea and a salad sandwich.

Ten minutes had passed and he tapped her bedroom door and entered, handed her the tea and sandwich.

“Annie you know way back when I first started playing my guitar and I had the opportunity to play in front of an audience I chickened out. Like you, I was putting all sorts of excuses in the way, telling myself I was not any good, people would boo’ me off stage or just not like me. I went to the clubs and watch other people and kept saying I was as good as them but when the time came I could not do it.” Annie and her father sat quietly eating their sandwich.

“As you know Annie I did go on stage and played, and a few years later did it with bands and it proved to be the best thing I ever did.”

“What made you do it, I mean what changed your mind gave you confidence to do it?”

“One night I went along to a club to watch, my friend came along, he also played the guitar. On arrival he checked in to play, the people who run the club asked if I wanted to play. I said no, not today, however they tried to encourage me, not to worry how good I was as the club accepted and enjoyed all standards. But I still said no, but inside I really wanted to play.  So when my friend was called for his turn ha played a couple of songs and then announced that he was inviting a guest and then called for me. At first I would not go, it was then the audience started slow clapping, I borrowed a guitar and played a couple of songs with him. It was the best experience I had ever felt and wanted more. The next time I played on my own and again I enjoyed the applause. I would not want you miss this experience and enjoy the moment.”

Annie finished her tea and sandwich and looked at her dad, “okay dad, as long as you and mum are there with me, for support I mean.” she said and hugged her dad. “Of course we will be there, for support of course.”


The following week Annie walked onto the stage and collected her school certificates, she passed on 12 subjects and stood smiling while she accepted the applause. The proudest moment for all the family.

Gaa/C© June 2014.



20 thoughts on “Write 101 #7 Give and Take and Enjoy.

  1. Wonderful Gerry – going through this with our Son at the moment! Helpful advice on the approach to this issue. Of course… I never went on stage and played but hopefully he we connect with the idea that facing your public is very akin to facing dodgy weather in a small aircraft. He’s moving on to his grade 4 Clarinet! Am I proud… Of course I am 🙂 Great post Gerry – I know now that I am not alone 🙂

    1. I am truly overwhelmed with your words Martin, thank you so much,,I think the one good about being a parent is seeing them progress.. none of mine have taken up a guitar or instrument,, sad but their choice,, they like my playing heehee!

  2. I really liked this. I think all of us shy ones can relate to it, the feeling of wanting to do something that you think others will enjoy, but wondering if you’re deluded.

    1. Like this when I played guitar on stage it took me awhile to do it but once done always wondered why I felt like this and could not get enough after…I would tell myself all sorts of things, this tale tells this.. Thank you and welcome always Trish..

  3. I so love this. I’m with my writing the way you were about the guitar in the beginning. Hallie is like “Annie” is that she detests going up in front of others to accept awards or certificates but she does it anyway. You, Annie and Hallie inspire me to just go and do it anyway. 🙂

    1. I became someone else when I was on stage playing,, off stage I am quiet and introverted.. on stage a bit of show off.. but if this inspires you then the story has worked… thanks and welcome always.. go on do it..

  4. This would have been a good challenge for Olivia and Oscar if I’d been blogging, again, back in September. It looks like you took the ball and rolled with it, though. Olivia would love to go on stage and show off for an audience. Tell Annie, we all said ‘Congratulations’. 🙂

    1. It was a period of my life that I would never have changed. At the time it could not be bettered.. and will do, she will be pleased… welcome and thank you..

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