WPC – Signs.

Friday 3rd October 2014.








Gerry A/C © 2014.


22 thoughts on “WPC – Signs.

  1. Your Lymington sign reminds me of an old joke.

    Sip and be thankful (said at taking the host or whatever it is called). Communion?

    I thought you said, Sup, there’s a tankful.

    Whereupon said person drained the cup of red wine.

  2. I thought the second one said Reft. Then I remembered that esses used to look like effs. So I’ll rest and be thankful, as ordered.

    1. That tombstone is actually a road side marker,, often telling one how many miles to a certain place…Not being UK savvy easily to mistake… thank you and welcome

  3. That’s a good old collection you’ve got there Gerry. The white print on black background is unusual and looks very smart. I’m intrigued by the Lymington marker – “Reft and be Thankful”… is that original or a recent remake?

    1. Thanks Martin, yes it is original, but newly painted. as you probably know it is olde worlde for Rest and be Thankful. Still a few of these around the New Forest.. Welcome..

  4. Ahhh. British signage….i LOVED your country…so much in fact I already booked a return trip for a two month stay (late March to May).
    Totally unrelated to this post but I ran across a really good music review blog in which Bombay Bicycle Club and my new fave artist Rae Morris were both recently written about. I know you’d love the whole shebang there so check it out: forfolkssake.com. (it’s on WordPress so easy to follow/access)

    1. That is great news, I am sure you will love it here,, I also done a post on Bombay Bicycle Club, which you are probably aware.. they are one of the better bands… thanks so much and will check out the site right now… welcome always..

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