It Has To Be Said. By Us All,Someday!

Sunday 12th October 2014.

My 401st post who would have thought it… lasting that is…

And Finally, taking a bow.

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16 thoughts on “It Has To Be Said. By Us All,Someday!

    1. I had been thinking about it because of my incentive or lack of. But realised I couldn’t and would miss it too much. The people mean so much and free way of expression and imagination…. Not at the moment anyway… thank you Trish and welcome. 😉

      1. I’ve thought about it now and then too. But in the end I decided it’s free, no one’s forcing me to post, there are no deadlines, and it’s an interesting distraction from my translation work which is a serious form of writing that not many people read. Glad you’re not leaving.

      2. Thank you Trish much appreciated,, and you are so right.. just occasionally I lack ideas and get frustrated… thank you for your support..

    1. It has been over a period of 5+ years and been great fun doing them also.. fave ones is Xmas ones.. thinking of this Xmas and what to do if all is okay.. welcome and thank you.. 😉

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