I Have a Problem.

Wednesday 15th October 2014…

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NaNoWriMoI have got a problem, okay I’ve got lots of problems but that is not for public disclosure. Being crazy or idiotic or just not of this world. Alien is what I am.

I have been trying to prepare for Nanowrimo this year, November is the month. My idea was to write part two of my story ‘Birth of the Wizard Prince’ in fact it will be finishing the story. I have done part one equaling 50,000 + words but got involved with other things like staying in hospital for 5 weeks. This is how it stands, all my poor characters stuck in limbo, suspended animation, waiting for my pen, so to speak, to move them on help them with their adventure and bring their story to a climax, a happy and satisfactory ending. But we all know stories do not end the way we always plan. 


Anyway, once again I sidetrack myself, easily done when you are me. But you are not me are you, so you probably wouldn’t know would you? I thought I would read my story ‘Wizard Prince’ you remember the title don’t you? just to refresh my memory of the story line, the characters and their names the plot and any sub plots. Well this piece of prep was good but it fell apart when I started reading. Instead of reading, which should not have taken long, I started changing the text. Adding words or removing text, adding commas removing commas adding complete sentences. You might start to see my dilemma, after a period of about a week, and hour or two a day I have only reached about page twenty. [And even now it would still need more editing] I should have finished reading the whole story but with this diversion it will take ages. With all good intent it will not work as I first thought. I am a simple person, so how do I become complicated. Oh well! my story does need editing I suppose but now my coming Nanowrimo challenge might have to be re-thought. Short stories my original idea, or just abandon this years…and spend the month editing half of a story..oh decisions, decisions. What a dilemma, should I leave my characters in limbo, suspended and waiting for my pen and feeling as confused as I do. Isn’t it nice not having more serious dilemmas like bills to be paid, bailiffs knocking the door,, what a boring life that would be.

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35 thoughts on “I Have a Problem.

  1. That makes three of us, Gerry. You should definitely finish the story. You do not have to edit the first half before you write to the end. In fact, you may not want to do too much editing before you finish. You may find that you’re changing the story in the first half, and that could cause more confusion. If you feel you MUST make note of questionable sections as you read part 1, just take a pencil and circle that section, then put an X at the top of that page. That’s what I do. Then when you’re really ready to edit, you can find the pages that you had concerns about. In my writing classes, I always tell my students that even though good editing and re-writing is mandatory, you must not ever let that part of the work interfere with the flow of creativity. Create first; fix later.

    Write, man, write!

    1. hey thanks Sandra,, another great suggestion which I will heed… the main reason for reading it it to make sure that my continuity is good….I will definitely try as you suggest as I really do want to finish. I like this story as much as The Parchment, which I finished… welcome always Sandra and thanks..

  2. All great comments! I agree. Just (1) spend a few days reading what you’ve already written, (2) mark a red ‘x’ wherever you feel you need changes/additions, (3) get your prep ready for Nano, (4) do Nano as you planned and only move forward with that and then (5) after Nano is over, revise the entire thing. Easy peasy. Or maybe not. But it’ll get you in a better flow, your brain won’t be all jumbled up and you’ll position yourself better for NaNoWriMo, which is where your mind should be getting to. One thing at a time, my friend. Yeah. I need to tell that to myself, as well. Too much going on around here. Too much work but I’m not complaining. It pays the bills. New projects I’m working on. Prepping for Nano and I, too, need a refresher on the read of what I already have for Book 1. Somehow, it’ll all get done, even if I have to get up at 2am again, every morning, just to get that writing in. Gonna be a crazy November, man! Go to it! 😉

    1. great suggestions and will heed, especially the marking red, I will have to be strict with myself on this because as I read I want to change it.. but yes will try.. so thanks so much for your help always welcome.

  3. AH, your analytic mind is getting in the way of your creative heart. I know the feeling. I got stalled so many times on my memoir because of my internal editor. Easier to edit than to create when you haven’t let your mind flow freely for a while.

    Maybe you could try this…put the manuscript down and close your eyes. Think back to the time when the story began in your writer’s mind. Follow your thoughts where ever they go. Let your characters lead you out of the mud into which you feel stuck. Remember who they were to you and start there. Sure, they can change, but start when the ideas seemed fresh and exciting. Remember and feel what made this story worth telling and who you needed to tell it (your characters). Trust them. They won’t disappoint you as long as you step aside and let them do the talking!

    1. Another great suggestion, and it certainly makes sense to me. I loved this story at the time and am not sure why I did not continue,, I know my hospital visit had a little, but it was earlier than this,, but I certainly think it is worth finishing. A fantasy story that is based of family and my new forest…so it means a little more than usual.. Thank you Lorna for the advice and your support. welcome 😉

    1. I have been trying to read, but with all the suggestions I cannot fail.. all fantastic ideas and suggestions.. I will definitely try them as I do want to finish… Thank you and welcome.. 😉

    1. Not want to tempt fate as one says, but yes all looking good now,, never 100% but healthy as can be… up and about and enjoying each day.. welcome Jo and thank you.

  4. Yup … The writers dilemma. I start so many stories I plan to go back to and then write another. I tend to edit as I read something I’m going to post. It makes for major delays. Mine is from being a perfectionist. I want it too be just right.
    I think Lorna has the key to getting it done. I’m following that advice too.
    I hope your feeling better. I seem to catch your blog when you post something about your health. I’m glad I do. I can WISH you better health.
    Have a GREAT weekend !!!! 😀☺️😁😳

    1. I have received so much fabulous advice on this matter and will try to heed all… it is great for all these people including yourself to bother with their comments.. Yes my health is now good, fingers crossed. everyday is a good day,, not 100% never will but am very well thank you Izzy so appreciate your stopping by,, welcome always. 😉

  5. Gerry, have you decided for sure to take part in Nanowrimo and finish your story? I’m thinking really seriously about taking part this year. I have a story that is barely started — only two chapters — and I keep lagging behind at getting back to it. I think if I commit myself to Nanowrimo — to add at least 50,000 more words — it should be pretty well complete. Not positive yet, but I’m thinking more seriously than I have any other year.

    I guess I’m not sure if Nanowrimo really offers that much positive influence. Maybe you can tell me — what is it that you get out of Nanowrimo that helps you write more consistently? Is it the challenge, or is there really a connectedness with the other writers that take part that keeps you encouraged?

  6. I see I’ve been missing out blogging , lately. I’m glad to see some familiar names are still hanging in there. I hope to ‘revive’ blogging again, as time allows. For having only four letters, time is a powerful word, don’t you know? LOL. Speaking of which, good luck with this contest. I wished I’d seen it in ‘time’ to participate, of course, that’s assuming I’d have had ‘time’ to participate. LOL. But where you are concerned, seeings how you’ve already begun,Just sit down, close your eyes, and throw yourself back into your story. You’ll do fine, I’m sure.

    1. How are you,, I have missed your little Orple friends,,, Nano starts in November and this is my fourth one, I just want to try and get this story finished as I do my original story but that will have to wait… Hope you get back into the blogging world and will speak soon.. welcome and thanks 😉

  7. Late here, but what others say. Don’t even think of editing as you write, classic mistake. Write, finish, rest, go back, read again with fresh pair of eyes, maybe take notes. Rest, then think about a self-edit. You can also over edit. Get feedback from someone.

  8. Keep the ink flowing! I do tend to edit as I write, as in write a paragraph and then read it out loud. We’re all different. Mostly do what your heart tells you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jude, I am like you as well I do intend to edit as I write even though I keep telling myself not to.. If I dont words dont seem to make sense.. welcome always…

  9. Gerry, thank you for following my blog! For what it’s worth, resist the editing. Put the editor in you away till December – don’t let him come out and let the characters come back to life. Then, when it’s finished, edit to your heart’s content 🙂 Good luck!

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