Daily Gerald Reports. [Xmas Project]

Daily Gerald981

Sunday 9th November 2014

The administrator of Restawyle has asked us to report for them that they would like your assistance for the coming Festive season.

For the past two festive seasons they managed to do a daily post representing the festive time of year. In 2012 a daily post of music videos representing Christmas years from 1952 through to 2012. All the videos were either number ones or when none could be found a video of the year was posted. All videos were of the Christmas period and most were Christmas songs of some sort. A mixture of Carols and artists own, but all were well-known world-wide songs.

In 2013 the site then wrote a twelve day Christmas Love story. The story was completed on the 2oth December, but unfortunately the administrator was admitted to hospital the next day for emergency open heart surgery. Because of this the follow ups to the story was not fulfilled.

Not wanting to tempt fate they want to do another challenge this year. During the month of December leading to the big day they are wanting to do a daily post, each is to represent the festive season and climaxing near or on Christmas eve.

What they are asking is do you the followers/readers of this blog have any ideas, or wishes for the forthcoming season. They do have a couple of ideas but would love to hear from you about any ideas subjects suggestions anything will be taken seriously. They have always enjoyed doing these Xmas projects and it seems so did their followers, so please help by leaving a suggestion.  THANK YOU!

Hope you enjoy the taster video.

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19 thoughts on “Daily Gerald Reports. [Xmas Project]

      1. I have and idea to do something related to the 12 days of Christmas song , island traveler below suggested looking through childs eye,, but it needs a lot of thought.. thank you

  1. Hey, Gerry, I don’t have a particular idea for your “daily” posts, but I wanted to let you know that next week, I am going to put up an advanced notice that i am hosting a Christmas writing challenge for the first three weeks of December — called “A Stocking Full Of Stories.” I’m going to encourage everyone who wants to participate to write one Christmas story — no longer than 800 words — for each week and post the link on the challenge page. So if you want to consider that, it would give you one idea per week at least. Or you could even write your story as a serial, developing it a little each day and finishing it at the end of each week. Just a thought. But anyway, I hope you have time to participate in “A Stocking Full Of Stories.”

    1. Yes Sandra I might try it if I can I did do a serial story last year, especially if I cannot think of a topic to do for my Xmas project. 12 days of Xmas is one idea, and Xmas vids for selected years…but will try to support your idea..

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