Oh No Nano!

November 30th Sunday 2014

Daily Gerald981

Word after word he typed. Now he has another story to tell.


Now just before December and my Christmas project I would like to announce my successful attempt at Nanowrimo 2014, my fourth attempt and fourth success.

My first week was a struggle, I did not write much at all even though the story was laying dormant in my mind and waiting to be brought to life. By the end of the second week I had written just under 20,000 words. this meant I had to write 30000 words in two weeks.

This task proved to be the push I needed, I typed away and averaged 4-5ooo words daily, and as it was reached my 50000 target quite easy. Everything went well, the ideas flowed and I managed to write it down. The story had developed well and  surprised me at how well it did go. I even like the story. I combined it with part one of the story which was started in my May CampNano. Now my word total so far is just over 85000 now and still growing.

The story is still unfinished but I can see the end, but as most people who write will know, stories don’t always go to plan. Well this may be so but I can see the end, the final battle.  Thank you everyone.

Gerry A/C 2014©



13 thoughts on “Oh No Nano!

  1. Congrats on finishing your story. My ‘Brides’ books are in the 85,000 word range, give or take, and it took me forever to ‘tweak’ them once written. The stories more or less surprisingly fell into place, but rewriting the scenes for impact, and catching errors is a never-ending battle for me. It is like my keyboard has a mind of its own. I hope your keyboard is more cooperative than mine. 🙂

    1. I know exactly what you are saying,, and on completion I will start again,,, before actually starting this I did read all the first part and change bits,mostly to recall the characters and story.. Have done your request, I read it okay though… Welcome always 😉

  2. See what I mean, Gerry. Feel was supposed to say ‘fell’ into place. Uggggg. You wouldn’t be a dear and fix my ‘error’ for me, then delete this comment—pretty please? Thanks bunches!

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