Xmas Night is Saved, Sandra’s Challenge.

Xmas Night is Saved.


Sandra’s Challenge, come on everyone join in with Xmas fun.   Click the link for more.

Story Related to the Picture. {579 words}

Week 1. December 1st 2014


“Mrs Claus it is that time of year. We must get our little helpers to pull out the sleigh and clean it up, polish the gold railings and hand rails.”

“I shall fetch the magic gold dust.”

In the stable the elves were pulling out the large red and green and gold sleigh. When in position they proceeded to clean and polish it. The little helpers dancing and singing while doing their task, a task they enjoyed doing every year. The time of year for the spreading of joy and happiness, and the elves have all the presents ready for Santa to deliver.

From the first stable booth there came a gasp, and then an ooh!

Mrs Claus investigated, “Santa, Santa we have a problem.”

The eight reindeer were asleep, every year they returned to their wooden state of well carved and painted animals. The magic dust when sprinkled over them in turn they would turn into life and become animated and alive once again. On the eighth reindeer, Rudolph they found a nest, a birds nest, built within its antlers.

Santa decided for a moment not to bring Rudolph to life because he noticed three little birds sitting in the nest, he then caught sight of a little robin redbreast sitting on a beam in the ceiling. He was looking down at them, chirping very nervously she flew down to her nest, “please do not harm my babies,” she asked.

“It is okay Robin, we wont harm any, but we do need Rudolph, he is our leading reindeer.”

“How can I help, my babies need a few more days before they can be moved.” Just then another robin flew down and introduced himself as the father of the babies.

“I can be your lead, I can fly as fast as your reindeer.” the daddy robin suggested.

Mrs Claus touch her husband and whispered in his ear, “if we sprinkle him with some magic gold dust it might just work.” Santa took a little time thinking, he started pacing back and forth the stable. The elves looking on were jumping up and down with joy, chanting ‘yes, yes, yes, give him a go’

“Okay, okay you win, Mr Robin you can do it. Mrs Claus will sprinkle you with our magic gold dust and all should be good.”

Both the robin redbreast’s fluttered about excitedly, their babies will be safe and Mr Robin will be a reindeer.

Outside the stable the elves loaded up all the toys onto the sleigh, and then hitched the reindeer one at a time. Dasher, Dancer and finished with Donner and Blitzen. Mr Robin got into position and Mrs Claus, looked at him, smiled and then sprinkled him with the magic gold dust.

The robin then started to glow and had a blue light surrounding his small body, and finally his beak started to glow red, and then a small beam of light shot out, as a torch showing the way.

Mr Claus sitting in the sleigh and Mrs Claus kissed him goodbye, “Yo ho ho off we go.” The reindeer started to gallop away and rose into the sky and flew away with the robin leading the way.

“Our presents will be delivered on this Christmas night.” A happy Mrs Claus said to her little helpers.

On your next Christmas night look out and see if Rudolph is missing.


Watch for my Xmas series called 12 Days of Christmas. First later this week. 


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16 thoughts on “Xmas Night is Saved, Sandra’s Challenge.

  1. Gerry, this is a truly delightful story! Thank you so much for taking part. And you do know that you don’t have to base your story on the same picture I used, don’t you? I’m glad you did that here, but I just want to be sure you feel free to create something totally different if you choose to do so.

    Can’t wait until next week. Actually, my own story will probably use this same or a similar picture, because I thought of two stories when I created this picture, and I hate to leave out the second one.

    Thanks again. This was fun.

    1. Am so pleased you enjoyed it,, I do enjoy the picture as a prompt,, but it was an automatic idea from seeing the picture. now I have finished Nano and now trying to do an Xmas project.. welcome always…

  2. First off Gerry, I want some of that magic dust—PLEASE!!!

    Next, let me just say that I don’t feel quite so silly playing with orples, after having read your story. I realize I am not alone. LOL. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh—I loved your little Christmas tale.

    1. Thank you Marcy, pleased you enjoyed it,, and I do love your Orples and the originality of them…No you are not alone..watch out for to come.. welcome always 😉

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