Stocking Full of Stories. [Better Late than Never]

Tuesday 9th December 2014

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Better Late Than Never.

Words 665.

The day was near, he was being prepared, having shaved and then given a pre-med. Midday he was wheeled into a room and was approached by two bubbly men, calling him by his name, talking gently, saying he was in good hands. Just going to give you an anaesthetic. Their words became muffled and quiet, their faces became faint until they finally disappeared. The whole thing, the room and the people was it just a dream, a dream that is actually happening, for real in real time.

The next two days was lost, never to be remembered, the world did not exist. Once he did wake, only for a short while, looking about, he saw he was in a room, a bare room with only a fluorescent light above him lighting the room. Lying in a bed, propped up on a pillow he was alone, in a naked room he felt captured unable to move. His arms, his legs were attached to his body but they were not alive, his eyes and head were the only part of his body that he could move. Trying to focus but his view was misty, his eyes getting heavy, and once again he was gone, leaving the world behind, darkness crept over him.

People standing and sitting about his bed, family talking to him, he could see their mouths moving. He could hear their voices but not their words, his eyes kept closing, he was finding it hard to keep them open. A voice was heard to say ‘lets go….. leave him to rest.’ As suddenly as these people appeared they were gone.

Christmas has passed and he saw none of it, his decorations, his coloured lights and especially his tree. The love and joy that the season sends out he missed it all, his family providing the usual love and joy. New year also came and went, no cheering in the new year with a glass of wine, no watching the fireworks. Was he ever going to get away from this place of drear and loneliness.

Over the coming days, he had to try to regain his strength, being encouraged to do small walks and steps. This proved to be difficult due to the tubes attached to him and needles in his neck and hands. Eventually through hard work, medication and the persistence of the medical staff he was allowed to leave, a month after Xmas, the season had bypassed him this year.

In a wheelchair he was pushed along the corridor passing other wards, seeing other people in pain, stopping at the lift, inside the ground level button was pushed.

He met his transport at the rear entrance, this was wheelchair friendly. He then tried to get into the car and found it very difficult, because of his weight loss his strength was still a long way from full. His breathing getting heavy, his sister and daughter assisted him into the car. He was feeling so helpless.

At home, he was trying to climb the steps, one at a time, taking every bit of strength he could muster. Pausing for breath at each level until he finally reached his front door. His daughter opened it for him, he felt the warmth of the heating hit his face, he slowly walked the hallway heading to his front room. He could see many lights ahead, some twinkling on and off. In the front room he was faced with his family waiting, “Merry Xmas” they all shouted. He could see the Xmas tree and its lights still twinkling and morphing, all the decorations adorning the tree and the room.

There was a smell of food cooking, and he could see his dining table was set for a meal. “Sit down and we’ll serve your Christmas turkey dinner and then we will open your presents. Merry Christmas and welcome home.” He could not help but shed a few tears of joy.

Gerry A/C 2014©




19 thoughts on “Stocking Full of Stories. [Better Late than Never]

      1. I was just curious. I spent the majority of last December in the hospital myself. Although, I was out by Christmas Day. I’m glad we both made it through those tough times, and are now here to tell about it. Here’s wishing you and yours a happy Christmas this year, right on schedule.

      2. We must have overlapped, I was in from 21st Dec until Jan 23rd..I did do a couple of posts for personal reasons though,,, thanks for the interest and am so pleased you made it through as well.. we shall both have a good one this year… welcome always..

  1. A very touching story, Gerry. I bet a good deal of this came from your own experience last year. It’s so good to know you’re getting back to your normal life now.

  2. Beyond the rawness, the truth, and the beauty of this story, Gerry, your writing of it has a fine rhythm to it. I don’t know if you noticed how you intermingled shorter with longer sentences. It reads perfectly. I’m really glad you shared it. Merry Christmas, my friend. This year, you will be celebrating it on time, I trust! 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you Lorna, your praise means so much to me,, and fingers crossed my Xmas will be on the 25th… Thank you again.. and merry Christmas to you, and may all your wishes come to you…

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