Sandra’s Challenge

Monday 15th December 2014



 Prayer of Love!


Sitting in a church dear,

Watching the candles burn.

The lights they are so dull,

But I find my way to a pew.

The statue at the alter

Is staring back at me.

The priest up at the front,

Is talking of tranquility.

The choir they start singing,

And they are singing our song.

The song you use to love,

When we were all alone.

The hymn books they are blue,

With all the songs you want to sing.

Looking up a certain number,

And find the song is there.

I’m sitting in a church dear,

Praying for our love.

The priest up at the front,

Is accepting the prayers I give.

The statue at the alter,

Is staring back at me.

And I say I’m sorry Lord now,

I am not the one to be.

Gerry A/C 2014©




11 thoughts on “Sandra’s Challenge

  1. Gerry, the imagery is so real. I can see the church, the colors, that dim light, and the statue staring back at him. It’s beautiful and poignant and really special.

    I’ve been thinking about doing a poem this week myself, and I haven’t been able to make up my mind.

    Thank you so much for taking part all three weeks. Hope you have a truly happy and peaceful Christmas.

      1. Thank you Sandra,, so pleased you read it as I wrote it… A quaint little church on a small hillside with trees all around,,, And wishing you a great Christmas… take care.. welcome always..

  2. Thanks again, Gerry. Just wanted to make the comment “official” by posting it from the Christmas blog. I really appreciate all your participation.

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