12 Days of Xmas [7 Swans..]

Thursday 18th December 2014



7 swans

7 Swans a








10 thoughts on “12 Days of Xmas [7 Swans..]

  1. Lovely imagery in your poem, Gerry. But I had to laugh at the bread just missing the swan’s head.

    I love Brenda Lee. I was living in Nashville when she first started singing, and I remember her debut on the local TV station. She sang at the Cooper and Martin grocery store. In those early days, we didn’t realize that we were virtually rubbing shoulders with people who would become some of the greats in the music world. The Everly brothers lived just down the street from me, and if I had known then what I know now, I’d have had them autograph everything I owned.

    1. That particular line I put in to add a little humour, but when younger and was able to feed the swans and ducks, I often saw people trying to hit the birds with their bread,, but these birds were aware.. Your story of the past artists would make a good little read, I think it also rings true of many others… just nice to know what once was… welcome always..

  2. What a lovely voice Loreena has, Gerry. You’ve turned up some great old classics for your 12 days 🙂 I like those dancing ladies too. Can’t beat a boogy at Christmas. Hope you have a good one. Very best wishes for 2015.

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