Christmas 2014.

Christmas Day 2014.

xm card 2014

This post was originally going to be posted last year. But unfortunately as you may know I was rushed into hospital and there I remained for a month. So I have decided to posted it for this years beautiful Xmas.  May you all have a wonderful Xmas and a fabulous new year. Thank you for your support.

Xmas 2014







32 thoughts on “Christmas 2014.

  1. These are all lovely songs you’ve selected for your Christmas post. I’m happy your here this year, Gerry, to post your Christmas wishes for us. May you have many, many more Christmas’ to celebrate.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year …!!!! 💝 🎄

      1. I have BIG plans to be healthy in 2015 despite what doctors say. We are, after all, the only ones who know our bodies best. Thank you for your loyal following. May 2015 be a year of many, many new adventures. ❤

      2. I do hope all of your plans work out,, I do agree with about knowing our own bodies… I just need to find some more hobbies that have a little more exercising, light exercising that is… good luck Izzy and wish your 2015 is what you wish it. welcome

  2. I was just coming out of the hospital, and getting ready to begin 2014 taking chemo. Let’s hope 2015 starts on a more positive note for us both, Gerry. In the meantime, this is a beautiful share, well worth the wait. 🙂

  3. These are lovely! I’m so happy you are still with us and still kicking! Hope you are feeling good these days. I think of you often, my sweet brother. Be well, stay well, find joy and have the best year ever!!! *hug* Love to you and your sweet family.

    1. Thank you for your continued love and support,, things are better and this is year is one I hope will be better.. May your tear be all that you wish for and more… welvcome always squidge and thanks again…

  4. A bit late replying, but Happy New Year to you.
    I cant believe a year has gone since you posted about your heart problems.
    Here’s to many more Happy New Years!!

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