Sprig of Thyme

Tuesday February 3rd 2015

Forest song

Below you will read and hopefully listen to the songs, but after a large amount of research I found several versions of the same song. However none sang the same lyric, all different to the ones shown below, and this does seem to be the trend of these songs. Some lyric has altered words but with the same meaning, some sing the verses in different orders and some have completely different words. Hope you enjoy regardless of the changes or differences.

Sprig of Thyme notes

Sprig of Thyme


Gerry A/C 2015


18 thoughts on “Sprig of Thyme

  1. I held off visiting you, Gerry until I could take the time to enjoy the music you’ve chosen. Both versions of your song are wonderful. The girl’s voice in the first one reminded me of a bird warbling. .. the girl’s voice is delight. Ditto in the second recording, but the singer’s voice didn’t vibrate (to my ear) as in the first song. Both women are blessed, no doubt about it. Thanks for the share, as I was not familiar with this song before now, and the history you gave in general was also a lesson for me. Who knew?

    1. Thank you Marcy, these tunes are not to every ones liking,, but in small doses,,, what fascinates me is the variety of the same song that is available…. welcome always…

  2. It is almost one a.m., so I am going to have to come back to listen. Hopefully, I’ll remember. My brain is really tired, but I thought I would try to catch up with some of my blogging friends.

    Women didn’t usually fare well in medieval English literature, either. I love Chaucer. But, then I read some medieval literature written by Marie de France and her work was some of my favorite. A woman’s perspective is usually a little different. 🙂

  3. This piece was very educational, Gerry. Maybe I’m more naive than most, but I really did not realize that all those metaphors were so commonly used in the songs. Thanks for teaching us.

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