Saturday 14th March 2015


Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

Some of you might remember these wavy walls I did do a post about them a long while back. These are some of a few left in one piece, others in Norfolk. No one really knows why they were built apart from strength.


Wavy Walls Lymington

If you wish to know more I can try and seek out my old post or do another one from my research.

Straight wall-walkway. Also in Lymington.



Gerry A/C 2015©


26 thoughts on “Wall.[Wavy]

    1. They are unusual and rare, apparently their strength is far higher than straight.. but there is no real reason for their construction…. welcome..

  1. I love those wavy walls. I do remember them from your other post. They are so interesting. I think you should do another post and give us more information. (Well, you did ask . . . )

    1. Thank you Sandra, yes I will do a little research to find the original post or do another from the beginning.. It seems they have caught peoples imagination.. welcome always Sandra…

    1. I shall Gilly, or probably do a new post, I think the original post was on another site I use to guest post, a couple of years ago.. but will seek it.. thanks for the interest…

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