Outlandish Knight.

Saturday 4th April 2015

Forest song

Outlandish Knight

Outlandish Knight words


Gerry A/C 2015


16 thoughts on “Outlandish Knight.

    1. It is hard to say but I could not find one with one or the other or both.. The lyric does sound as if a woman maybe should sing.. The versions can differ so much, the lyric here is different from the singers. Through my research I found one thing there is no standard and years they change mostly through the way they are passed on. In some cases they are very different songs… these two for example differ to the extent they could be different songs.. welcome Lorna and thanks..

    1. Thank you John, these songs do have some fascinating tales attached to them, it is great when one can relate them to ones own area.. The tales are like the lyrics they can vary so much and change over time… welcome always…

  1. Thanks for the insight Gerry. I guess it’s difficult getting to the original versions of these old folk tales and songs. I used to enjoy the work of Steeleye Span and Gryphon – some interesting efforts to reproduce traditional songs between them 🙂

    1. There are many versions both in music and lyric. some could be a completely different song but history shows them to be the same. I also like the bands you mentioned and more,, bringing these songs into the modern era.. welcome always…

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