Oh Little Bridge. [poem and song]

Friday 17th July 2015

scribbler 2  The song included is by a friend, whose name is John Dunkinson, who currently resides in or near Everett, Seattle. He liked these words so much he asked if he could make them into a song and this is the result. Hope you all enjoy it I personally love it because it conjors up that atmosphere of the village and how I saw it when I wrote this


Restawyle   Gerry A/C 2015©


12 thoughts on “Oh Little Bridge. [poem and song]

  1. Gerry, this is terrific. I’m so glad your friend set this to music. I do have one question, though. I had a hard time understanding the words in the line right after, “My decision was not rash.” Since he added that line and the one right after it, I didn’t have the words in the poem to double-check with. I thought I got what he said, but then I wasn’t sure. What were the words of that very next line?

    Congratulations on such a fine use of your poem. I hope he does some with other poems you’ve written.

    1. ‘I decided to paddle through the splash’ are the words you require. John added a few more lines for the music side, he did ask. The bridge in the picture is my famous watersplash bridge. I have done several posts with it being the star…it was this bridge that inspired me…until they upgraded it. Sandra thank you very much…

  2. I’ve just worked out there’s music to listen to. My blocker had blocked it, but I was able to unblock it! How great for you to have your poetry put to music. I enjoyed it heaps.

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