S Y W Week #43

Tuesday 27th October 2015

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If you were on a debate team, what general subject would you relish debating?

There are several topics that appeal to me but my most enjoyable would be hypocrisy.  There is so much of it about.


feigned high principles: the false claim to or pretence of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings

  • It would be sheer hypocrisy for them to turn round and do what they criticize in others

What’s your strongest sense?

It is not hearing as I am partially deaf in my right ear.

It is not eye sight as I wear glasses. Although my vision was perfect when up until approx ten years ago.

It is not taste, but I like what I taste and like what I like.

I would say smell and touch is probably my strongest and most sensitive.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

This one is a little difficult as I have many experiences I could mention and use. So after a little thought, not much thought actually just me being, lets say awkward. ‘At least I Tried’

List your favorite flavors or types of tea.

There are only two types of tea for me, one is the standard bought tea from most supermarkets. Although I will say it has to be one brand only. These tea are served hot with milk, but since my diabetic diagnosis and general health problem I also like cold bottled ice tea which comes in two flavours Lemon [my favourite] and peach, made by Lipton’s.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

It goes without saying for me, after recovering from heart operation and with my general health I am grateful that I wake up to see another day.

041514 sywbanner

Gerry A/C 2015

Images by Google Images.




16 thoughts on “S Y W Week #43

    1. I have been doing prep work for it but now things have arisen which means it might be a little difficult. But will give it a go even if I cannot commit to it fully. Thank you and welcome…

      1. I wouldn’t quite use the word stamina,, like you Tess it is something we enjoy..developing a character and bringing them alive and being part of their life. 😉 thank you…

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