WPC -Treat?

Saturday 31st October 2015.


Treats and indulgences can take many forms. Share yours with us!

My Daughters Birthday Treats

Birthday treat
Birthday treat supplied fee of charge by the restaurant we were dining at. Ellie loves this particular restaurant.
Birthday treat1
Birthday treat supplied by us. Kermit had to step in because we could not find a minion. She still loved it.
I have included this Nanowrimo banner to show that I am participating. However I am not very confident this year because as from 16th November my time will be taken up with other things and I will not be able to commit the usual time to the project. Be assured though I will give my best shot.

Gerry A/C 2015©



20 thoughts on “WPC -Treat?

    1. Thank you Sandra,,,she certainly enjoyed it…I hope it works out but I cannot commit fully. At least that is what I am expecting… this one is a crime mystery completely out of my comfort zone… welcome always..

      1. I’ve been doing stuff mostly out of my comfort zone for the past year (mostly mystery/crime/suspense) and what I found, Gerry, is that if I pushed myself and wouldn’t give up, I got to the place that I am now comfortable with the new stuff. I’m really enjoying this genre — much more than I imagined I would — and it is one of the hottest-selling genres out there right now, so it’s worth the effort.

        I really liked the excerpt you gave us. Keep pushing!

      2. This new genre was all started because of an online crime fiction course, not yet finished, but near. It inspired me to give it a go. I managed to set a few small plots together and then realised with some thought it could become bigger. So with Nano as well I decided to pursue it further. Thanks Sandra for your encouragement which is always welcome and I find it very helpful and more.. welcome

      1. It’s always nice when things work out well and makes an event even more memorable and in a great way. 🙂

  1. Awesome looking treats, Gerry! I know she loved every minute of that celebration. Tell her happy birthday from me and the girls. Good luck on NanoWrimo. I wanted so much to play this November but with the YouTube project plus work, I simply did not have any extra time. I sure do miss writing, though. I feel I’m going into withdrawals. But one pursuit at a time. When things calm down, perhaps I can put in some writing time. I really wanted to finish that book this year. Ugh! Hang in there, brother! Don’t take on too much and risk burning out. xoxo

    1. Carol, your words are so encouraging,, I have just read your post and I smile as I read your suggestion about not taking on too much and burning myself out. May I suggest [extremely politely] that please heed your own words. I fear that you might burn yourself out…. take care.. I don’t think my nano is going to be successful this time round, I am only on 13300 words and with things later on this month I cannot see myself having time enough to continue…..I will update….. welcome and thanks…

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