Magic Violin pt 2

Sitting on the Porch 2

Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

Are you all ready for the second part of the Magic Violin? The porch is now empty, the guitar is safely inside and the outside light is now off plunging the porch into moonlight. The chill of the night closing in and if the weather forecaster is right then I shall wake to frosty morning.  ENJOY!


MAGIC Violin Wallpaper__yvt2clip_image001.gif

Pt 2.

Words 786

In the shop, an antique plus bric-a-brac shop, Angela and Isobel sat in the back room chatting.

“But sis’ I really thought it was in the cafe, I had been nowhere other than there. You see Issy, I left home with it, as you know we planned to lock it in the shop safe. I did my usual, stopped off at the cafe ordered a coffee and drank it and left. All this took no longer than fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t worry Angie we’ll find it, Graham…

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