Friday 29th April 2016


Here in the UK it is May bank holiday weekend. Just hoping this music will make everyones weekend just a little bit better including mine. Have a great one.

This last video with David Massengill he played at the folk club I often visit and met him, not only is he a talented man he is very kind and generous one as well.


See you again soon. Gerry.


13 thoughts on “Dulcimer…

  1. These videos were all great. Thanks for the music, Gerry. I always know I’m going to like the music you offer.

  2. Thanks Gerry. I have been off on a tangent of creativity and business (busy too), but that’s no excuse for not sopping up some great tunes! Are you a member of the hippy group on FB? I am going to add you. Such positivity and support there. I think you will like it a lot. Bye for now.

    1. Thank you Lesley,, very much appreciated.. I will check it out, a blast from my past hippies my world once… thanks again and welcome always…

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