Phrases, What a load of Rubbish.

Wednesday June 1st 2016

During the recent times, I watch films or programs on television. No matter who makes them, British, American or Canadian, I am not biased. I unfortunately have become critical about the scripts, or the scenes. My main beef is with our own local [British] soaps, but all are at my mercy. No holds barred. I smile as I say so. The big time director/writer. It is the silly inappropriate, unfitting phrases/comments in the dialogue that seem to be put in because they could not think of anything else or it is trendy.

It’s complicated. [I didn’t realise there is actually a film with this title]

complicated :


Having many connected parts: composed of many interrelated parts or features. Or the other person it is being said to is not very clever, very dim, thick, not as intelligent as the person saying these words. Yeh okay!



You wouldn’t understand.


Amazing! – over used and always exaggerated.

Related image



amazing : causing amazement: so extraordinary or wonderful as to be barely believable or to cause extreme surprise.



You don’t wanna know. – I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know????


You know what I mean!- No, I am so much denser than you, I have no idea….

Awesome. – Up there with Amazing, as one of the most over used and out of context words.


No question about it.– most times I have heard this made no sense at all. There was never a a question in the first place, and not likely to be.


Trust me, – or similar ie: Trust me I’m a …..???  do you trust me, I trust you do you trust me, you have to trust me. my answer WHY? there is another saying – never trust anyone who says trust me.







Gerry A/C 2016.


26 thoughts on “Phrases, What a load of Rubbish.

  1. Absolutely agree! Maybe I’m getting old, but I do think that so many TV programs today are over-dramatized, to the point of being gushing. Everyone has to be so happy and dreadfully enthusiastic. Some of the presenters drive me nuts. Exclamations of ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ seem to abound, along with WOW’s and squeals of amazement when someone is shown a new born lamb, or a coffee plantation, or someone making cheese! The presenters just about pee themselves with excitement. It baffles me. And don’t worry about the annoying ‘awesome’ word because I think it’s about to be replaced by ‘stellar’. I can only assume that in the future they’ll have to invent some new words to make things sound even bigger or better. Maybe we could invent some for them? Now that would be an interesting blog post 🙂

    1. Hey now Jude you hit on a few points which I must agree with. and one more thing that seems happen a lot, whether it is modern photography or what but is definitely a turn away look for me and that is when cameras zoom in on peoples faces so close you can see everything one is not supposed to. By which time they miss the important piece of film. Thanks and welcome always and stellar comment ;)..

    1. Oh yes another one great point, Like’ I mean’ – you know. Gilly I was hoping people would come up others and they have… thank you and welcome always….

  2. Love this post, Gerry! We both love the language too much to sit idly by and watch (listen) to it degrade to mush. Your examples are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
    “Yeah, no…” Which is it?
    Some version of: “This may or may not be true…” Talk about covering your bases!
    “I knew you were up to no good…” Well, then, why did you go along with it?

    Shall I go on? 😉

    1. Lorna I knew you would come good on this, this was as you say tip of the iceberg,,, and yes there are so many trivial poor fillers, and what is annoying is the inconsistency of series /soaps etc, and these people or writers they like to be called earn lots of money for it.. something wrong there I think… I loved your examples and I hoped my readers would come back with more and they have.. welcome always….

  3. Great ones you’ve posted, Gerry, and others in the comments. I notice a great deal of repetitive things when people talk lately.
    It’s as if they are lazy to come up with the proper word. This one, “You don’t wanna know. – I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know????” is one I heard a lot when I was growing up in Brooklyn. It’s a favorite of the Italians from the neighborhood. Of course, you have to have a Brooklyn accent and attitude when saying it. LOL 😆 GREAT post

    1. Oh yes Izzy, some are pure laziness or a loss for anything else to say. As you say, I do want to know, we can only learn by knowing.. sorry I do not have a Brooklyn accent…but I do have a New Forest, Hampshire accent. We local call it yokels…. welcome always…

      1. Perhaps, one day, when you make your guitar video I’ll have the pleasure to hear it. I think accents are characteristic of locations. I have a Brooklyn accent that I’ve manage to tone down as I get older. I suppose paying attention to how we pronounce our words helps. Have a fabulous week. 😎

      2. I don’t realise my accent until I hear myself on video… and people like you, from different areas hear me who mention it. I do have a couple of not too good music vids… might gain courage one day to post…

      3. yes Izzy I am trying to maintain all as doctors tell… I do still play, only for personal enjoyment, occasionally at a folk club. thanks for your concern…

  4. I join the club, like, that don’t like like, like. That is neither awesome nor amazing.

    Oh yes – and: ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m good.’ Yeugh! I haven’t asked about moral status, but about health.

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