All Change, music day.

Friday 24th June 2016


Referendum Result. Leave.

A very apt music day for the UK Independence Day. Whatever ones view point just enjoy the music. Oh well never mind, but please enjoy these old titles.







12 thoughts on “All Change, music day.

  1. It looks like Blondie is the favorite. I used to enjoy her sining too.
    Recently, I saw her on a talk show. It’s best not to see stars we love looking older.
    Although, she looked terrific you could tell she had aged.
    Great songs … don’t know what’s happening politically but from what I understand and the news stories
    there’s a lot going on. Good Luck …. !!!!

    1. Yes Blondie is number one here, unfortunately we all age, some better than others… Our country is in a bit of a turmoil but will eventually get it sorted through time atleast…. Instead of moaning at each other our politicians should just deal with their task ahead. welcome Izzy always.

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